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Kratom in its powder form.

Kratom Toss & Wash with Grapefruit Juice and Olives

A customer provided us with a unique combination of substances that enables him to use what’s known as the Toss & Wash method, swallowing raw kratom powder by teaspoons.

Here’s his method described.

I’ve been using kratom (mitragyna speciosa) for over two years now.

I have a twice broken back and used to take Darvocet for pain, until it was taken off the market due to it’s link to heart failure and death.

At that point, I used cannabis and sometimes Tylenol 3 with codeine for pain relief. Then I saw a video by a suicidal lady who said the most deadly drug in your medicine cabinet is Tylenol.

A friend of mine met me for lunch and told me about kratom. He said I could buy it at the hippie headshop a block away from the restaurant we were dining at. I thanked him for the advice, went to the shop, and bought a bag of kratom in capsules.

I was a bit afraid to take it. I had read some weird user reports on the internet, making it seem stranger in effects that it really is. I let that bag of 60 Thai white vein kratom capsules sit in my kitchen cupboard for 30 days before I tried it.

Let me tell you, once I tried kratom, I was really impressed. It was not freaky like mescaline, which I thought it might be similar to, and it kicked in quickly. Kratom got rid of my pain, but left me lucid and energized, in a happy mood.

I tend to take one dose per day of about 8 grams.

I skip days, and vary the kratom types (white vein, red vein, green vein, blends, elephant, horn, plantation, maeng da, hulu kapuas, dragon, aceh, etc.) to help avoid developing a tolerance to a specific alkaloid profile. It’s working because I’ve never had to increase my dose amount or frequency. And I never mix kratom with alcohol or other drugs, since people have died when they abused kratom for fun this way.

However, one of the few downsides of kratom is the taste, which is very bitter. It doesn’t taste horrible, and most people don’t hate the taste or vomit when putting it in their mouth, but for most folks, it’s not a pleasant experience.

Due to the extreme bitterness of kratom, many people take it in gelatin capsules. Others mix kratom with applesauce, orange juice, coffee, or other things, trying to disguise it’s bad flavor.

The downside of capsules is that it typically may take longer for the kratom effects to kick in, and the effects may not be as intense or last quite as long. Taking kratom as a powder is generally the most effective way to consume it for maximum, longer lasting benefits.

Toss & Wash is the phrase used to describe putting kratom powder in your mouth (tossing it in there via a spoon) and flushing it down with a liquid (washing it down with water, coffee, milk, herbal tea, or juice).

Toss & Wash is the best way to take kratom to get an immediate, powerful, and long lasting impact from this herbal supplement. But I must caution you in one aspect of it. The downside of Toss & Wash is your tongue can develop a coating or a numbness that makes food not taste as good. Some people brush their tongue with a toothbrush or a steel scraper to try to counteract this build-up.

Many people alternate between Toss & Wash vs. swallowing kratom that’s been loaded into gelatin capsules. They may use Toss & Wash for two weeks, then capsules for one week, to give their tongue a break from having kratom powder directly applied on it.

Is Toss & Wash a good method for you to use? Only you can answer that question by experimenting with this method.

Here’s a special Toss & Wash method I developed, that you may want to try. I call it the Grapefruit Juice and Olives Toss & Wash.

Grapefruit juice and olives? Sound strange? Actually, it’s a pretty nice way to take kratom.

The grapefruit juice chases the kratom powder in a pleasant way, if you like grapefruit juice. Somehow the tart and semi-sour flavor of grapefruit is for many people better than chasing kratom powder with a sweeter or blander juice. I’ve tried washing the kratom powder down with water, but that is not as enjoyable for me.

Toss & Wash with Grapefruit Juice and Olives

  1. One heaping teaspoon of powder inserted into mouth.
  2. Wash it down with grapefruit juice (a potentiator, which means it activates the kratom, boosting its effects to some degree).
  3. Eat a couple green olives stuffed with pimento (or black olives or other kinds of olives) to remove residue from teeth.
  4. Wipe spoon on napkin to dry it.
  5. Repeat process for 2nd teaspoon (or whatever your dose amount happens to be).

I calculate 2 heaping teaspoons as approx. 6-8 grams. I do this dose once a day, and skip days. I rarely mix red vein, green vein, or white vein, preferring to keep them separate for distinct effects, though I do buy kratom blends now and then.

I will take a break from Toss & Wash, and use capsules instead, because after a while, like I stated earlier, the kratom powder eventually seems to coat or numb my tongue and it muffles my tastebuds to some degree

But Toss & Wash seems to work faster and is stronger in effect than capsules, so that’s my preferred method of taking kratom.

I tried mixing powder with applesauce, but that resulted in a grim, horrible tasting mud that was difficult to consume. Others seem to like doing this.

I hope you give this Toss & Wash with Grapefruit Juice and Olives method a try. You may want to substitute grape juice, coffee, orange juice or some other liquid for the chaser. But I don’t think you’ll find a better residue remover than the humble little green olive stuffed with pimento!

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