Pink Maeng Da Kratom Blend


100% pure Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) Pink Maeng Da Blend is an ideal kratom for those seeking the relaxing of red vein coupled with the refreshing and invigorating effects of white vein kratom.

This is a 50% red Maeng Da and 50% white Maeng Da mix that will provide you with the best of both types.

“Fresh, potent, 3rd party lab tested for purity. You can trust Leaf of Life Botanical’s kratom and use it with joyful confidence.”

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Maeng Da is the designation for super potent, top quality, connoisseur kratom. Mixing white vein Maeng Da with red vein Maeng Da is the recipe recommended for experienced kratom users who seek to accomplish goals while also soothing aches and pain.

It’s also great for those who seek a different chemical composition to introduce Pink Maeng Da into your kratom rotation schedule to help you avoid developing a tolerance to a specific alkaloid profile.

Unfortunately, we are not permitted (per FDA) to explain the various benefits and effects that Kratom Strains could provide to the general public. To let fellow clients and folks that are new to Kratom know the particulars, we would be extremely gracious to hear from you, the Client, what this particular Kratom strain does for you in a review. This would be equally educational and helpful to communicate what Kratom could do for people that would rather approach their ailments naturally.

Thank you for making a difference, from the Leaf of Life Botanical’s Team.

We have good respectful relations with the local, indigenous farmers and plantations. We traveled to Southeast Asia, looking for the most organic, sustainable, non-GMO Kratom plants with high potency, so you don’t have to take as much, and you thus save money. All of our Kratom is tested by a lab that is inspected by the FDA every 6 months and has won accolades from other supplement vendors and won awards for cleanliness and implementation of state if the art testing equipment.


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