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5 Kratom Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

There are 5 serious errors that you can make when it comes to kratom. Learn to avoid these.

ONE – Not 3rd party tested.

Your kratom needs to be uncontaminated, free from rot and microbes, and other pollutants. Always buy kratom products that are 3rd party tested by an independent laboratory.

Untested kratom can have sawdust, mold, phenibut, non-kratom plant material, and other foreign matter that can be harmful to you.

TWO – Buying from non-reputable sources

Buying mysterious gas stations, head shops, or discount tobacco stores kratom that’s not fresh, not potent, and overpriced. Many times oddball brands pop up to exploit consumer trends. They tend to have psychedelic graphics, whimsical product names, and wild claims.

Stick with reputable vendors, and if you run out, try to do a reset and abstain from kratom, until you can afford to get more high-quality kratom product from a trustworthy source.

THREE – Using too much, too often, and increasing doses.

Kratom is not an opioid, benzo, cocaine, or alcohol. It’s very dissimilar to the drugs many are familiar with and may get hooked on. Unlike these substances, kratom doses tend to be low and consistent for many years. There is no increasing the dose amount or dosing frequency, like you might have done with other substances.

Your body figures out how much to take and that remains steady for a long period of time. Chasing the dragon by constantly escalating your dose will only backfire, to the point that kratom does nothing at all for you anymore, because you overloaded your circuits and wore out the receptors.

FOUR – Not rotating strains or doing resets.

To avoid developing a tolerance to a specific alkaloid profile of a kratom strain, or to kratom in general, it’s good to rotate your strains and do resets.

Rotating strains means for 3 days you use Chocolate Bentuangie, then for 3 days it’s White Aceh, followed by Green Maeng Da, and then Yellow Vietnam and Bunny Blend mixture. You want to keep changing what strains you take to keep your system off guard.

Resets are when you stop taking kratom for a while, a few days, weeks, or months. This enables your body to forget all about kratom, flush it all out, and start all over again in a fresh manner. After you end your reset and return to taking kratom, you will experience much stronger and longer-lasting effects because your system isn’t overly familiar with it.

FIVE – Not drinking enough water and being inactive.

Two of the most important rules for the kratom lifestyle are to hydrate yourself and stay active. You simply must avoid dehydration and constipation by greatly increasing your fluids intake and by moving around. By drinking a lot more water, juice, tea, and soup, you will prevent having various problems when taking kratom.

Drinking water and getting plenty of exercises will move the kratom through your system more efficiently. This results in faster effects that last longer. It also prevents the wobbles if you accidentally take a bit more kratom than your system can handle, not paying attention. Walking, gardening, mowing the lawn, shoveling snow, dancing, hiking, sports, labor, anything you can do safely and not sloppily while taking kratom, go for it.

Keep these 5 Kratom Mistakes in mind, along with the tips on how to avoid them, and you’ll enjoy your kratom experience.

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