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Who is Kratom a Threat To?

It might seem odd to think of our beloved kratom as a culprit in something negative. By negative, we mean “perceived as unpleasant or damaging.” We who are in the kratom community gain terrific benefits from this natural plant. But not everybody is thrilled and delighted.

This article was written prior to the now serious and very real threat posed by an international ban which is pursued by the FDA. The FDA is an agency that is spearheaded by mostly pharmaceutical insiders who have asked the WHO (World Health Organization) to ban Kratom internationally. This is a very scary and real threat that should under no circumstance to be taken lightly. The Ban could result in the re-emergence of habits that were successfully abandoned by the consumers such as the addiction to lad produced and marketed by the pharmaceutical industries’ substances mentioned above. To help prevent this potentially looming prohibition, support the AKA (American Kratom Association website ) by either donating to their cause or commenting with your experience with Kratom and to illustrate the positive effects that Kratom brought forth either in your life or the life of a friend, family member or acquaintance. Who were able to get away from dangerous and side effects-laden substances that reduced the quality of life to these individuals who were prescribed these compounds. Please help this life-saving undertaking and comment here

Yes, kratom does pose a serious danger to certain elements in society. Kratom has enemies. Who are these elements that kratom threatens?

ONE – Big Pharma

When people started flocking to newly legalized cannabis and kratom, Big Pharma started losing a lot of business for their hazardous opioids, benzos, anti-psychotic medications, sleeping pills, and other drugs. This territory represents a huge area of profit for Big Pharma. Thus, they fight tooth and nail against kratom every chance they get. They pressure the FDA and DEA to persecute kratom and those who take kratom.

TWO – Your Doctor

It’s great to have a personal physician one can count on and trust. Unfortunately, medical professionals, with wonderful sincerity and noble intent, can be unduly influenced, and even bribed, by Big Pharma sales executives. You probably don’t want to tell your doctor, or any medical person, about your use of kratom. They will automatically be opposed to anything that is natural, unapproved by the FDA for human consumption, and not prescribed by a physician. Kratom is still mysterious and obscure to Big Medicine.

THREE – Your Friends and Family

Because of misinformed prejudice, it’s best to not tell many others about kratom. This includes the closest people in your life. Most people and I mean co-workers, neighbors, club members, church family, intimate companions, and relatives, will just scoff and judge you like a wild experimenter and hedonistic, pleasure-chasing drug seeker.

Kratom poses a threat to your friends and family when they are stubbornly against kratom and scold you for “messing around with it.” This disruption can ruin relationships needlessly. Avoid conflict and debates.

Be very careful who you tell about your kratom use…and use mature discernment in how you talk about kratom. If you emphasize the effects, you could mislead people into thinking kratom is just another “get high”, party animal, recreational substance – which is totally WRONG.

FOUR – News Media

Journalism standards barely exist anymore, as reports tend to be slanted toward some political agenda more than telling the whole set of facts. This is pointedly displayed in their attitude about kratom. Similar to the anti-marijuana frenzy of “Reefer Madness” in the 1950s, news media tend to take the side of Big Pharma (which pays their salaries via buying commercials on the networks) and have a negative view of kratom.

We have so many positive things to praise and enjoy when it comes to kratom. But a sober assessment of the total situation forces one to face the fact: there are powerful forces lined up against kratom. We must be aware of these realities, so we don’t fall into any traps or needless arguments that go nowhere.

Be careful what you say about kratom, and to whom you say it. And be calmly aware that opposition exists and we must not be shocked or insulted by it, but just keep repeating our tale of how kratom has helped us, to those with ears to hear, who truly seek relief of their symptoms, too.

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