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Kratom Normalizes You

Kratom may help you get back to feeling normal again as you did when you were a kid.

Customers who use kratom often report a special effect: normalization. When they take kratom as a dietary supplement, they stick to the smallest amount possible, because excess brings on diminishing results and a higher propensity to developing a tolerance. What’s amazing is that this steady, never increasing, small serving is reported to do a multiplicity of good things for them.

One of the results of a serving of kratom supplementation that you don’t hear about much is a feeling of being adjusted mentally. Not adjusted to norms, or to society, or to peer expectations. Adjusted to life itself and possessing inner confidence.

Customers say that, within 15 to 30 minutes of taking their regular serving of kratom, they feel overall correctness, like something just became the way it’s always been meant to be, a “normalized” being-in-the-world sense that is quite charming and so needed in today’s chaos and despair worldwide.

This radiant form of living is inborn, everybody starts off with it. But tragically, somehow we gradually lost it as we grew older. Watch little children: they tend to always exhibit a profound sense of wonder, joy, and delight in the simplest, most common things that adults now ignore. The sudden appearance of a cute bird, a cat’s sweet meow, the scent of freshly mown grass, the taste of a lemon drop candy for the first time –- these and a million other things made our childish lives a paradise.

Normalizing in the sense of restoring that inner light, that song within, your deeper titan. Kratom is said to provide that kind of feeling of “this how I’m meant to be”. It’s not a chemical rush or any other type of street drug or pharmaceutical sensation. Kratom is said to give a sense of facing the chores, opportunities, and challenges of life in a new and more coherent way.

Now, this is not claiming that kratom, a member of the coffee family botanically, is some kind of magic charm or transformational seminar in a leaf! Ah, no, my friends, what is meant is this. Kratom has a vegetive “personality” (because personality is composed of electro-chemical networks) or, in lab talk, an alkaloid profile that causes it to benevolently merge with your own personality.

What’s so unique is that the buoyancy comes in a very natural delivery system, preferably by drinking brewed tea, or taking it in capsules, and it’s totally plant-based. Other plants impart a boost to our inner dimensions, some mildly, others more radically. One must be extremely wise, mature, and scientific about how these potent substances are used. Abuse can, like with all psychoactive substances, be tragic and final.

On the bright side, though, for those who take kratom responsibly, a steady serving of the smallest possible amount, that remains consistent for years, with no escalation like with opioids, there are special gifts bestowed.

Normalization is one way to describe it. Kratom has a tendency, when used cautiously, to lift thoughts to more fruitful and smoother paths. Life takes on a 3D cinematic Kodachrome coloration that is elaborated by a gentle smile on one’s face and a more tender heart toward others.

It may sound unusual to say it this way, but many customers have chimed in on this topic and it seems to hold true for the majority of the users of mitragyna speciosa. Kratom has been used in Southeast Asia for many generations, with fantastic results. Chewing the fresh leaves, or brewing up a hot tea from dissolved powder in simmering (NEVER boiling, since boiling destroys alkaloids) water, with some organic honey or stevia for sweetening.

And one effect that nearly everyone tends to proclaim is how kratom can make you feel balanced. This is not some new designer drug trip. It’s a rather subtle, no drama, a result that starts flowing in and out of you, keeping you from tipping over into negativity. Self-assertion, not aggressive, but firm and kind, can go along with this happy result.

It has nothing to do with any drug high some folks have experienced in the past. It’s more like the nice feeling you get when it’s a blazing hot day, and your mom gives you a big glass of iced tea or lemonade. You get it down inside you and it seems to kind of shine all over within you. You feel better, yet clear-headed and alert. Your grin is not self-indulgent, but a beaming forth of your sense of connection with the good things in the universe.

When you think about all the many benefits of kratom, it can be quite a treasure trove. Add it all up, and kratom beats just about anything out there, whether from nature or Big Pharma. We are so fortunate to have this wonderful plant on planet Earth, sharing the up and down ride of life together, respecting each other and triumphant in calmness and joy.

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