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Covid Lockdown Exercise Tips for Kratom Users

During Covid-19 lockdowns, shelter in place, and stay home orders, you’re in danger of wasting away. Even younger, healthy individuals, if they don’t move around enough, can start losing muscle tone and range of motion of limbs.

Just sitting around, ordering Uber Eats food, playing video games, interacting on Facebook, streaming movies, purchasing products online, and drinking beer – this is a lifestyle choice that spells disaster.

It might sound funny at first, this sedentary way of life. You may chuckle at the image of someone just lounging around, afraid to go outside, afraid of other people, and living a hermit’s life of sloth. You may have laughed at comedy films based on premises such as this.

But it’s not really comical. In fact it’s grim and tragic. It’s bad enough that many have lost their businesses, jobs, ability to attend church or go to school, freedom to travel, family gatherings, dating scenes, in-person voting, and sports. Now we have to also, in the midst of this despair and isolation, be careful that we don’t shrivel up or fall apart physically.

Atrophy doesn’t happen suddenly. It takes time for muscles to deteriorate through disuse.

Kratom users must be particularly mindful to not get too relaxed, lazy, and sluggish. Kratom’s effects will be activated stronger and faster if you move around. You also need to move around to avoid getting constipation from kratom’s extreme dehydrating properties.

So kratom users should exercise more to get the kratom circulating through their system more effectively AND to ward off the crippling effects of inertia, which means your limbs are being deprived of motion over a significant period of time.

You must not allow yourself to atrophy and wither away. Its a vicious cycle. You move around less, your muscles get used to lethargy, then even when you want to move a certain way, or perform a certain feat, your muscles have weakened so much, your body cannot comply with your wish.

You must not succumb to this degeneration due to lack of bodily movement. We all must be aware of this problem and consciously fight it. The combat will be rigorous, but victory is guaranteed for most people. Our bodies respond positively to moderate exercise under a doctor’s supervision.

Gradual withering of your muscles can be avoided.

Get serious. Do you have any exercise equipment? Dig around, find it, dust it off, and start using it. Today. Regiment it, exercise with severe discipline in a consistent manner. No? Ah, perhaps you are the spontaneous type, who likes to flex, fidget, strain, and stretch at the spur of the moment. Fine, but keep at it. Do it often, every chance you get, taking breaks to relax.

Either way, disciplined or loosey-goosey, move your butt, sir or madam!

Shelter in Place and Stay Home orders doesn’t have to mean wither and atrophy in prolonged isolation and severe loneliness.

There are ways to stay in contact with friends and loved ones. You can meet safely in small groups, taking Covid-19 precautions. In some areas where restaurants and bars are closed, people are meeting in homes. But be sure to maintain good hygiene, social distancing, and mask wearing when appropriate.

You’ve probably heard of people feeling so distant from human love and physical contact, they commit suicide. This is a terrible outcome of Covid-19 lockdowns and safety measures. We must understand the total pandemic picture, not just increases in cases and deaths. We must learn how to strengthen our immune systems through diet, stress reduction, comedy, family, and exercise.

Exercise can keep you both physically and mentally healthy. Inactivity leads to boredom, hopelessness, gloom, and body frailty and eventual fragility.

For those of us who use kratom really need to move around a lot, even under quarantines and restricted travel permissions. Don’t let depression make you give up and sink into decay. You’re better than that. You deserve to overcome and thrive

Consider one or more of the following ways to exercise:

Treadmill, rowing machine, elliptical, ski motion, dumbbells, pushups, leg wrestling, jump rope, hand squeezers, hula hoop, walking outdoors, racing bicycle, hiking, snow shoveling, leaf raking, fallen branch removal, judo, karate, exercise bike, fitness ball, multi-functional home gym station.

Be aware that if you’re feeling intense effects of kratom, you should wait until you level out. Never engage in physical activity if you feel dizzy, spacey, inattentive, over-stimulated, dazed, woozy, weirded out, sleepy, lethargic, absent-minded, or have the kratom wobbles (eyes won’t focus).

Those new to kratom will need to decide how fit they feel when taking kratom. When the effects really hit hard, after an hour or two, you may not be in the best shape to do any fitness routines or manual labor. You may have the energy to engage in exercises or chores, but you may also be a bit fuzzy minded. So be sure you are really able to safely and attentively do what you want to do.

Be a shut-in if you feel you must, but at least engage in plenty of exercises, and even consider things like Tai Chi, fluid mindful graceful swaying and stretching. Staying in shape, and keeping digestion progressing properly, through purposeful motion is a great idea for everyone.

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