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Are we loosing the fight for Kratom?

The latest attacks from the recent news cycle was a tad too much for me. I been reading most , but not all these articles which involve Kratom. Good or bad.

Most of the time it is coming from some small time news sources or blogs that report the either positive or negative view of our favorite supplement. Not so yesterday.

Seemingly every major news outlet was jumping on the Kr@tom bashing band wagon. Here is the ugly truth. Pharmaceutical companies spend a ton of money on their ads to be aired on all the top outlets (may it be CBS, ABC, CNN, FOX, MSNBC etc.) In my opinion the FDA who is undeniably sponsored by the pharma industry, just started to understand that they are in fact on the loosing end. Recent victories, such as the implementation of regulations, in several states proves it.

Now the only thing, besides killing folks by the thousands while making a fortune doing so, is to influence politics. Lets face it they can outspend our efforts 1000:1, which is most likely a under estimate They have the money, the connections and “yes” they have the majority of followers when it comes to “so called” medicine.

Ok, i understand that the AKA estimates that we have about 5 million Kratom consumers in the United states, which according to recent studies is climbing.

Where are they, you might ask, when it comes to Kratom activism. Why aren’t they chiming in on the signing of petitions., why aren’t they commenting on negative reports, why aren’t they sending emails to their representatives?

Is it that most of these never faced the scare of 2016, are they just growing accustomed to the constant barrage of smear campaigns? I don’t know the answers to that, however one thing that i do know, is that we better figure this out on how to motivate every single one of these to at least put up a good fight to counter and disprove this ongoing avalanche of attack articles.

Is it enough to sponsor the AKA (American Kratom Association) and all the other consolidated efforts of numerous Kratom advocacy groups or is a “new” approach necessary. I certainly don’t have the answer to this.

My only advice would be to NOT share these articles and give it even more of a platform, that people that never even heard of it, now see in their news feeds.

Educate your family, neighbors, friends and acquaintances on what Kratom is (certainly not a opiate) and certainly not a substance that could cause someone to overdose. We all are aware that all these death that are used in these reports happend because of the interaction through different drugs that were found in any and all these casualties.

Do not give up and become desensitized and intimidated by the Pharma giants and certainly not by the FDA that does their dirty bidding.

Point out what harm the decisions of these entities causes more death on a daily basis through “approved” drugs.

More people die because of just Tylenol on a daily basis than all these “falsely” reported death, that, lets face it occurred over a several years time period. The fact that the FDA just approved a version of Fentanyl that can kill a elephant , just in the smallest amount.

All we can do is to push these findings and relentlessly keep doing so. Do not loose faith and certainly do not give up to counter these attacks. We do see that by commenting and emailing, calling the representatives of your districts and states, have some merit.

Not all of these are bought up by the Pharma lobbies. And some actually “do” listen. What is certainly is needed, is a offensive campaign and not a defensive one. Who will lead this charge remains to be seen.

What is desperately needed is High money players who could be found in successful Herbal companies, holistic medicine organizations, entrepreneurs that have made a small fortune distributing Kratom supplements, investors that could see the financial potential that a regulation and federally legalization could bring.

One thing is perfectly clear, to sit around and hope for the best, is not sufficient.

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