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How To Become a Kratom Activist

Kratom is legal in some areas, but is still illegal in many other regions of the world. Kratom activism is attempting to provide information and inspiration to illuminate the darkness. When legislators and the general public are more knowledgeable about kratom and its benefits, sane laws can be passed to guide public policy and thereby protect sellers and users of this marvelous plant.

The kratom community needs more evangelists and warriors for the cause of this natural herbal substance that is helping millions of people to live normal, pain-free, productive lives. There are many different ways to help the cause of kratom, rather than just enjoy its effects.

If we truly love kratom, we will want to get to the point someday of actually doing something to advance its acceptance as a far safer alternative to opioids, benzos, and alcohol.

Big Pharma fears kratom. They know they’ll lose profits from their drugs, if people start using kratom instead. So pharmaceutical companies influence the media against kratom, attempting to drive public opinion of kratom in a negative direction.

You like kratom and kratom needs your help.

Here are some tips on how to become a champion for kratom – joing others, or working idependently to achieve universal kratom legality, the mature and careful use of kratom, and FDA approval of kratom as a dietary supplement.

ONE: Talk.

That’s right. Tell others what kratom has done for you. Spread the word about how effective and safe it is. Let the world know about a natural plant with wonderful powers.

When someone speaks of pain, anxiety, lethargy, lack of motivation, mood problems, or low energy, perhaps they could derive some benefit from kratom, as many claim to have done.

But be careful about saying anything to your doctor, employer, co-workers, or family.

Medical professionals tend to frown upon any substance that they did not prescribe or recommend themselves. They aren’t interested in your lectures or testimonies. They may write “exhibiting serendiptitious drug seeking behavior” in your permanent chart.

Employers and family members may be judgemental. They may, in their ignorance, consider you to be “still an addict” or “just getting high”. You’ll be able to quickly tell if any individual is receptive, indifferent, or hostile regarding your using kratom.

TWO: Social.

Post links to articles about kratom on your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Use social media to educate your followers, friends, and fans. Be careful though, if your profile is Public and your employer can see what you post. They may not like your using kratom and may even cause trouble for you.

But social media can be a great way to share your personal experiences, as well as linking to good vendors, news reports, medical research, and blogs that are positive about kratom.

THREE: Join.

Consider joining and funding reputable, hard-working kratom advocacy groups. American Kratom Association is one such organization.

THREE: Educate.

Help others learn about kratom and what kratom does. Guide those who turn to you for advice. Teach those who have questions. Train those who are beginners. Let your wisdom be a light unto others.

While sharing your testimony and experiences is good, it also helps the cause of kratom when we keep learning. Never stop growing in knowledge and practical expertise. There is always more to understand and better ways to explain things.

You can keep educating yourself, as you teach others by:

Doing online research. Finding kratom podcasts, interviews, documentaries, and history programs. Participating in forums. Asking and answering questions. Assisting those who are new to kratom. Contending for kratom decriminalization. Discovering how kratom works chemically and how it is grown, harvested, fermented, dried, packaged, and tested for purity.

FOUR: Participate.

Rather than just sitting around, enjoying kratom, how about getting up and doing something positive for the whole kratom community, both existing and yet to come?

Mentioning kratom in your conversations. Buying books about kratom that you can read, then give to someone else. Marching in kratom protests. Writing kratom songs. Making kratom music. Painting kratom art. Composing kratom poems. Filming kratom documentary films.

Joining kratom user Facebook groups. Signing online petitions. Creating kratom information blogs and ecommerce websites. Wearing pro kratom tee shirts. Displaying pro kratom slogans on coffee mugs.

Every little thing we do to help the cause of kratom will be appreciated by the kratom community. Even if you advocate in a quiet, behind the scenes manner, your efforts will be rewarded and multitudes will rejoice now and in future generations, for what we did.

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