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Is Gas Station Kratom Safe to Use?

Once you find a great, trustworthy kratom vendor, you should stick to them.

There are so many greedy, unscrupulous individuals out there who try to make a quick buck exploiting a trend. A reliable, honest, knowledgable kratom vendor is a precious asset to those who seek pure, potent, 3rd party tested kratom products.

Sometimes though, a person is unable to wait for a shipment of kratom to arrive from an online vendor. They decide to go to a local gas station or discount tobacco shop, to see if they’ve got kratom to sell. What is it that they end up spending their money on?

In some cases, it’s possibly not even kratom. Or it’s a much lower quality kratom, and is not tested in a a 3rd party laboratory. It might even have other drugs mixed in, to increase effects. Some customers complain that it tends to taste terrible, and be weak in effects.

How terrrible to pay more money for less safety, less effectivness, and less purity!

One way to protect yourself is to buy kratom powder that you can look at. Of course, you won’t be able to visually detect pollutants like mold or heavy metals, or phenibut and other dangerous additives, but when kratom is sold in a capsule form, it’s harder to see what the actual substance looks like.

You might get lucky, and find a reputable brand of kratom at a gas station, but even if you do, you will probably pay a lot more for it at the gas station, than at the vendor’s website.

You see a similar thing happening with CBD products. CBD is suddenly a trendy, hip thing to use. So you see everybody selling it, from video rental shops to comic book stores. It’s kind of ridiculous. Hopefully, we are more careful about what we put into our bodies…and don’t snap something up impulsively, just because it seems easily available and inexpensive.

Head shops, discount tobacco stores, convenience outlets, mini-marts, strip malls, hippie boutiques, and gas stations are not known to sell high quality kratom.

The main reason these dubious places are selling kratom is probably because they want to take advantage of people who have vague notions about kratom, who have heard about kratom, but have not done much research on it.

However, if you run out of kratom while waiting for your next shipment to arrive, you might want to stay away from these places. You’re probably going to be better off going without kratom for a while. This has the added advantage of enabling you to do a reset, which means your body will re-adjust and the next time you use kratom, the effects will be stronger and faster.

In case you do decide to give gas station kratom a try, here are warning signs that indicate it may be inferior, even potentially hazardous product:

  1. Flashy, glitzy, psychedelic package design that is clearly exploiting curiosity and taking advantage of low-information customers.
  2. Nothing on the kratom package that states “3rd party lab-tested”.
  3. No statement that the kratom is organic, all-natural, or clean.
  4. Strong language implying that kratom is some sort of exciting party drug, recreational drug, or “get high” fun substance that can be abused.
  5. No indication of where the kratom is sourced from.
  6. No website or street address of the kratom vendor.
  7. Dark packaging so you can’t see the product inside.
  8. Priced higher than other kratom products you trust, indicating the vendor is greedy.

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  1. Dawn Marie Oass

    Greetings! The teas have been a complete life changer for me. That being did when I was first introduced to it a year ago, I had no idea of really where to buy it. So my first try was at a gas station/smoke shop and boy did I get sick! Luckily a friend convinced me not to give up and research GOOD vendors. It’s paramount for success in all things tea and wellness. So may I recommend the same to you all! Make sure it’s from a reputable vendor!✌????

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