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Kratom Resets and Rotation Schedules

Yes, kratom can stop working for you. But you can regain its powerful impact. There are two proven techniques you can use to prevent becoming immune to the effects of kratom (mitragyna speciosa). Even though kratom is a natural plant in the coffee family, it’s possible that you might develop a tolerance to it over time.

Tolerance means your system has become so adjusted to the presence of kratom, your body is not responding as well to kratom, in terms of relieving your pain, anxiety, depression, or lack of energy. Instead of increasing the dose amount and / or dosing frequency, you can use “resets” and “rotation schedules” to solve this problem.

Those who use large amounts of kratom, or who use kratom every single day, are more at risk for developing a tolerance and reliance on it. Also, if you discovered stronger versions of kratom – like extracts, enhanced powder, resin, and tinctures – and you start using this form instead of regular kratom, the higher potency will cause a tolerance to develop more quickly.

Unlike opioids, cocaine, nicotine, alcohol, and other substances, kratom users don’t have to keep increasing their dose amount or frequency as time goes on. With heroin, for example, addiction occurs quickly and so does tolerance. Heroin users have to keep increasing the amount and frequency, with no way to stop the escalating usage and expense.

Luckily, kratom is a very different substance. People who use kratom tend to maintain one steady dose amount and frequency for years, without any need to increase them.

But still, a tolerance to kratom can start to occur if you’re using heavy amounts and dosing often.

There are two basic ways to prevent this tolerance from happening.

  1. Resets

This is what people call the technique of coaxing your body to “forget” about kratom and its effects for a while.

You want your system to have a certain degree of amnesia, a lack of recollection, of what it feels like to take kratom. You train your body to forget about all that kratom you took, and then later, after the reset period, it can be re-introduced to kratom, as though it were a totally new substance.

This works like a charm. People who have reset their system rave about how effective it is. Remember what you felt like the first months of your kratom use? How amazing the effects were? How you felt so incredibly pain-free, happy, and full of motivation?

This is what resets are all about: getting back to that fantastic reaction to putting kratom into your system.

A reset can be accomplished in two ways. You can either stop taking kratom for a few days, weeks, or months. Or you can take a much milder form of kratom (like stem and vein kratom) or a greatly reduced dose amount and dose frequency.

Probably the best, most effective reset is accomplished by simply quitting for as long as you can. Some of us have such severe symptoms, it’s going to be extremely difficult to get by without kratom. Our pain, depression, anxiety, or lethargy are going to hit us a lot harder without our beloved “tea”.

But if you aren’t feeling much anymore when you take your normal dose of kratom, then you’ve got a tolerance problem that will only get worse.

When you stop taking kratom for a few days, weeks, or months, do NOT substitute some other pain killing, anti-depressive, or anti-anxiety medication for it. This will confuse your body. By taking kratom for relief, you’ve trained your system to use kratom for your issues.

Reverting back to alcohol, opioids, or benzos will complicate your body chemistry and there could be unpleasant reactions. In fact, if your body has become reliant on kratom, the other medicines you’ve relied on in the past will likely not even work like they used to. You may just mess up your system and not even get the relief you were seeking.

So, the best reset is the abstinence reset, where you give up kratom for as long as you can. You can stop taking kratom for a long period of time, or you can keep taking kratom, but skip days. For example, you could take kratom for 4 days, then skip 3 days, as a regular routine.

Even if you have not yet developed any immunity to the effects of kratom, skipping days, as a routine, is a really good idea for most people. You’re giving your body a break from kratom every so often and that will keep you from relying on it too much and buiding a tolerance.

Be strong. Be brave. You can get through the reset if you make up your mind it’s worth it. Because when you’ve got your system reset to a certain degree, by abstaining from kratom, you’ll be amazed at how powerful your normal dose amount and frequency have become, thanks to the reset.

Then the other technique for reset is using milder forms of kratom, or using decreased dose amounts, and taking kratom less often.

For example, let’s say you typically take 10 grams of a powerful kratom like red vein Maeng Da, Elephant, Borneo, Indo, Bali, or Horn, and you take it twice a day, in the powder form, with the toss and wash method (putting the powder in your mouth and washing it down with liquid). And you occasionally mix a little kratom extract or resin in the second dose, to help you sleep at night.

2. Rotation Schedules

By rotating the types of kratom you use, you can decrease your chances of developing a tolerance to a specific alkaloid profile. Each type of kratom has a unique combination of active chemical components.

If you love, for example, red and chocolate kratoms and Chocolate Bentuangie is your favorite type, so you decide to take only Chocolate Bentuangie kratom, and you do this for a long period of time, you’ll eventually develop a tolerance to Chocolate Bentuangie. What you need to do is start varying the types of kratom you use.

This is called a rotation schedule.

For example, Mondays you use Chocolate Bentuangie, Tuesdays you take Yellow Aceh, Wednedays it’s Chocolate Bentuangie, Thursdays you use Red Maeng Da, Fridays you take White Borneo, Saturdays you use Strawberry Field Kratom Blend, and Sundays you take Red Hulu. You can keep Chocolate Bentuangie in your rotation schedule, but you use other types too, and they’re constantly changing.

It’s a wonderful reality that we have so many different types of kratom available, based on vein colors, leaf characteristics (horn and elephant), potency (Maeng Da), region of origin (Indo, Thai, Malay, Sumatra, Vietnam, Cambodia, Borneo, etc.), form (powder, capsules, resin, tincture, extract, enhance), drying / fermentation process (yellow, gold, chocolate), and other classifications that differentiate kratom products.

Resets and rotation schedules are great ways to keep kratom working powerfully in your system. Try the different methods and you’ll discover what works best for you.


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