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Kratom Tips and Tricks

Once you understand the basics about kratom, you’re ready to go a little deeper. Don’t make the mistake of getting a quick introduction to kratom, then whizzing off recklessly to do some experimenting with it. The more you know, the safer and more satisfying your kratom experience will be for you.’

Experienced users of kratom learn special methods and concerns by trial-and-error, or get advice from forums. There are ways to use kratom more effectively. There are also certain considerations which must be addressed prior to starting kratom for the first time.

Chances are, these tips and tricks will be a big help to you as you navigate your way through the world of kratom.

Each person discovers or devises their favorite way of evaluating a kratom vendor, assessing a kratom user forum, assembling a personal kratom supply, implementing a “reset” rotation schedule, delivering kratom into their system, and figuring out the best time to take a dose of kratom during the day or night.

For example you may want increased energy and mood boost, so you start with a white vein kratom. You may dislike the bitter taste of kratom powder, so you decide to use kratom in capsule form, then try a mixture for a while,

After taking kratom in capsules for a while, you may try the “toss and wash” method, and come to the conclusion that toss and wash is not only tolerable, but the best way to get the effects activated quickly and for a longer duration of time. You may still, however, keep kratom capsules on hand for when you are rushed and need to grab some, swallow them with a glass of water, and be about your urgent business.

Now let’s consider some of the deeper issues related to kratom use.’

Tip #1.
Medical issues? Consult your naturopath, herbalist, or medical doctor. If you have a severe, or moderately serious, medical issue, you should speak with a medical or naturopathic professional about the safety of taking kratom by itself, or adding it to the prescribed medicines you’re already taking. Not every person can take kratom. Some physical conditions make it too risky for a person to use kratom. You can find discussions on this topic in the many online kratom forums on Facebook and other internet locations.
Medical facilities and information sites, like Web MD, Mayo Clinic, Dr. Axe, Live Strong, Healthline, and GuidancePA can be good sources of general information. However, the mainline, orthodox medical advisors tend to have a somewhat skeptical or even negative

bias against kratom, cannabis, and other herbal substances. This is apparently due to the fear Big Pharma companies have regarding natural plants as competition, as serious business threats to their prescription medicines. There have no been many scientific studies made of kratom thus far, since it’s rather new to the United States and other areas outside of Southeast Asia, where kratom is growing wild or farmed. Even if you’re not currently diagnosed with any medical problems, always use caution when taking any
new medicine or health supplement. Start with low doses infrequently, until you’re familiar with how your body and mind react to them

Tip #2
Use the Lowest Dose That Delivers Desired Effects The ‘less is better” philosophy applies here. You should limit your dose amount to the lowest possible level, while still giving you the effect that you need to alleviate your pain, anxiety, depression, or sluggishness and lack of endurance or motivation. How much kratom should you take in a single dose?  It varies from person to person. But based on user reports, this dosage range will probably be somewhere in the 4 to 12 gram range, once or twice per day.
You may try 4 grams at first, and find the effects were too dramatic, so you decrease it to 3 grams. Once you find the ideal amount for a dose, be sure to make this amount your regular dose amount. The lower the amount per dose, and less frequently you take kratom, the less likely it will be that you develop a tolerance.
You should be able to go for years without increasing the dose amount or dosing frequency, which is something that opioid users cannot experience. They tend to keep increasing the dose amount and frequency until it gets to an overdose danger.
Once you figure out the lowest minimum dose amount, using that same amount will continue to provide desired effects, especially if you skip days. Your objective should be to take enough kratom to achieve the desired effect, as often as needed, while at the same time, not quickly developing a tolerance to kratom. Using the lowest possible dose will be more affordable, too, since you’e using the bare minimum, which means your supply will last longer.

Tip #3
Drink Lots More LIQUIDS to avoid constipation!
You will surely regret not paying attention to this warning: kratom can be constipating, so increase your consumption of water and other fluids when taking kratom.

Kratom is a wonderful medicinal herb, but it’s not perfect. Kratom is a very dry, absorbing substance that sucks up a lot of the moisture in your body. You may need to remind yourself to keep drinking more water, juice, or tea than usual, to help hydrate your system and avoid constipation. This also means you will need to urinate more frequently, due to the big increase in your intake of water, juices, and other liquids. So you should be in a situation where running to the bathroom often is allowed or even not noticed.

Tip #4
How to remove kratom powder from your teeth and gums. One trick that may help those who use the toss and wash method, is to wash the kratom powder down with grapefruit juice (a potentiator), then chew some orange morsels, apple slices, or pimento-stuffed olives. You could also simply rinse your mouth out with water, after swishing it around in your mouth a bit. Olives work really well for getting rid of the kratom powder clinging to the crevices of your teeth and gums. The soft shells of the olive pulp will act almost like a tooth brush, scraping and rubbing away any kratom residue that might be lingering after you do a toss and wash. Another thing you might want to do is suck on a Zand lozenge or piece of hard candy, or eat a little organic honey, to get the bitter taste of kratom out of your mouth.

DO NOT Operate Heavy Machinery, Climb Ladders, Drive a Car, Mow Your Lawn, or Engage in Any Potentially Dangerous Activities
Kratom can make you a bit dizzy or spacey, especially when you take a high dose for pain, or when you’re new to kratom. Serious risk is incurred when attempting to perform tasks that would be fine if you were not using a pain killer or sedative. Kratom can be so calming, sedating, and pain relieving, you might unawaredly settle into the happiness of escaping whatever aches or problems, that you may be too sluggish and unfocused to engage in some activities.
It is strongly recommended that you NOT drive a car, care for a baby, operate heavy machinery, cook on a stove or oven, mow the lawn, climb a ladder, get up on a roof, walk near heavy highway traffic, or engage in any other potentially dangerous activity, participate in a demanding situation, or become involved in a circumstance where you must be sharp minded, alert, and detail-oriented.

Kratom, especially in the first few months of your experimentation as a new user, may render you too groggy or a bit wound-up, to the end that you have entered an unfamiliar mental state, a condition of mind and perception that is best enjoyed in a chair, on a bed, in a space that is safe, when you have no serious obligations other than to relax and quiet for a while. You may feel a bit woozy, which should lessen as the months go by, when you’re taking kratom. Soon, your system gets accustomed to the effects of kratom, and while not diminishing as time goes by, you’ll eventually find yourself less dizzy or energized as you, month by month, get the right dose amount  and dosing frequency figured out and internally adjust to the newness of kratom.

Tip #6
Avoid Tolerance: Vary the Vein Color, Origin, Vendor, etc. Maintain a wide assortment of kratom types in your supply, and keep varying which one you use at any given time. Called a “rotation schedule,” this technique will enable you to “reset”, or avoid developing tolerance to a specific kratom alkaloid profile. If you buy huge quantities of, say, White Borneo kratom, you’re more likely to become immune to its effects and feel a need to increase your dosing amount and/or frequency, because your body chemistry is adjusting to the alkaloid profile of the White Borneo. Your system gradually becomes overly familiar with that type of kratom and starts to require more of it to achieve the same level of effects you need.
Buy smaller packages of a variety of different types of kratom. For example, if you require red vein kratom because you need an emphasis on pain relief, buy different
types of red vein, such as Red Bali, Red Indo, Red Aceh, Maeng Da, Red Hulu Kapuas, Red Horn, Red Elephant, Red Vietnam, Red Cambodian, Red Plantation Maeng Da, Red Dragon (usually means red vein mixed with some white vein), Chocolate Bentuangie (red vein from the wild growth found in the Bentuangie jungle region, that’s been fermented and dried in special ways to alter the alkaloid and effects profile.) 

You should also introduce into your rotation schedule some kratom blends, some white vein and green
vein to use by themselves or sprinkled into some of your red vein kratom. Keep changing the kratom that you use. Vary your usage by the kratom vein color, where it was grown,
vendor you bought it from, leaf characteristics (horn, elephant), form (enhanced, resin, tincture, leaf, powder) and classification (maeng da, plantation).

For example, schedule your kratom usage like this:
Monday – White Bali
Tuesday – Red Stem and Vein
Wednesday – Yellow Vietnam
Thursday – Super Green Malay
Friday – Chocolate Bentuangie
Saturday – Red Dragon (White & Red Blend)
Sunday – Green Maeng Da

Tip #7
Store kratom in air-tight containers, in a cool place, away from moisture and sunlight. Be sure to retain the freshness and purity of your kratom.  A ziplock plastic bag is good, but sometimes the ziplock is not sealed properly. Kratom can get into the zip track, clog it, and prevent complete closing of the bag. Keeping kratom in glass jars is a better idea. Use glass jars with air-tight seals, and store your kratom at room temperature, in a cupboard or closet, away from direct sunshine.

Tip #8
Avoid telling employers, co-workers, doctors, etc. about your kratom use.

Some folks have funny, old fashioned notions about using anything to relieve pain, anxiety, depression, and low energy levels. They may be biased against any substance they don’t understand, especially if misleading information is splashed all over the news media. Physicians may write “drug seeking behavior” in your chart if they find out you're taking kratom, even when it’s legal where you live. Employers may fire you due to some paranoid “zero tolerance policy” regarding drugs and unfamiliar medications.

Family and friends might even turn against you, or give you a lot of grief, due to their ignorance and prejudice. They might have read one negative, unfairly reported article about someone dying, and kratom (among other more dangerous hard drugs) was found in their system. This single report could make them over-react, freak out, and give you a hard time about your use of kratom. Say nothing about kratom to your company, your doctor, or your pastor. Test the waters when it comes to friends and family. Ask them if they ever heard of kratom and what they think about it. Tell them you have heard of kratom and just wondered what their opinions might be.

You don’t have to tell them about every single aspect of your private life and your efforts to manage your own health. Don't let anybody badger you and force you to reveal what you feel is a personal thing and not necessarily everybody else’s business.


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