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5 Things Mainstream Media Gets WRONG About Kratom

When you do a Google or DuckDuckGo internet search on kratom, get ready for a rocky ride. There is so much misinformation out there, it’s really incredible. Your best bet is to go to kratom user forums online. This is where individuals who actually use kratom express their thoughts and share their experiences.

Now, to filter the mud out of the water for a clearer view, let’s consider the most commonly encountered lies about kratom that you see online.

ONE Opioid?

Many lame stream media outlets label kratom (mitragyna speciosa) an opioid. But kratom is not derived from the opium poppy, nor is it a designer drug made in a laboratory to mimic opium.

Kratom is botanically a member of the coffee family. It technically binds to opioid receptors in the brain and provides some effects that may be similar to what opioids produce, but it’s not a narcotic in the usual medical sense of the term. Nor does kratom share the chief characteristics and downsides of opioids and benzos.

TWO Addictive?

False reports try to convince the public that kratom is dangerous and should be banned. They try to make it seem like society would be better off without it. The truth is the very opposite.

One alleged problem with kratom, according to mainstream sources, is how terribly habit-forming it supposedly is. Anyone who has some experience with kratom personally will laugh at this accusation.

Kratom can solve many issues for people, so it’s not improbable that a certain comfort is involved in using kratom. That comfort zone can of course be disrupted to some degree by not having access to kratom for a while. Often though, kratom users will voluntarily, deliberately stop using kratom temporarily, in order to take a break, knowing that effects will be stronger after periods of abstinence.

However, kratom is not known to be addictive in the sense that words conjure up in the average person’s mind. Are kratom users happy to have it, and not so thrilled when they don’t have it? The same is true of chocolate, coffee, music, candy, fruit, art, and so many other things that we like, but are not necessarily hopelessly enslaved to it and unable to control our use of them.

THREE Withdrawal Symptoms?

Just about any substance dependent rehab clinic you check out will tell you the horror stories of alleged withdrawal symptom nightmares for kratom users. None of these fictional accounts ring true for actual kratom users, however.

When a person stops using kratom, there will be a response in the body and mind, just like with anything else you use. You don’t become incapacitated, vomiting all over the place, screaming in agony, or start deliriously painting bad abstract expressionist landscapes.

It’s more like a mild cold, some discomfort, but nothing wild or difficult to endure. No writing in pain, no nervous breakdown. No severe reactions at all for the vast majority of kratom users.

FOUR Abuse Potential?

Misinformed, or purposely deceptive, news sources like to harp on so many imagined bad things to warn us about regarding kratom. Here’s a favorite: you’ll turn into, or back into, a depraved junkie, a mindless dope fiend, spending all your money on ever increasing doses, and ultimately, overdosing and perhaps dying in excessive amounts of kratom.

It’s like Reefer Madness applied to kratom. Kratom Craziness. It’s immediately obvious that the “reporter” or “expert” has no real insight into how kratom is used, why it’s used, and how it affects humans.

Kratom serving amounts tend to remain steady, unlike how opioids doses need to keep increasing in amount and in frequency.

FIVE Life Disruption?

Again, disinformation agents distort the reality of kratom, and this is a big one. They try to tie kratom to the scary narcotics like fentanyl, iso, heroin, and Krokodil. Every characteristic of a a hard drug addict’s life will be found in a kratom user, or so they claim.

Just look around. Read the online forums. Consider individuals you know who take kratom, and yet they also lead a normal, happy, productive life. Or perhaps you can see a huge difference for good in yourself. Kratom, unlike many medicines and back-alley dope, tends to normalize the functionality of individuals who use it. They feel more stable, solid, hopeful, and energized.

Instead of disrupting or degrading one’s life, kratom is a champion, a hero, a victor over many ailments, according to online forums, customer testimonials, and personal experience.

Let’s ignore the mainstream media when they obviously have not done their homework. And let’s rejoice in the multitude of benefits that kratom provides for us.

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