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5 Things To Do When You Run Out of Kratom

You ran out of kratom today. It’s going to be a while before you can buy some more. Here’s what you can do until then.


First, let’s get the pro-active rule out of the way. Don’t let yourself get into a position where you can run out. If at all financially possible, try really hard to always have a good bit more than you really need for one month, or until your next paycheck.

Sure, it’s tough to survive, much less have an abundance of extra goods that can be saved for a rainy day. But it might not be impossible, if we become a little more thrifty, or cut back on non-essentials.

But think about it. This is why people, who can afford it (and not all of us can), tend to buy a whole carton of cigarettes, or a couple of cases of beer, or several bottles of wine, or extra jars of organic honey. There are certain things that we simply refuse to tolerate running out of. So, whenever possible, we like to stock up, not in fear or paranoia, but as wise little humans, squirreling away resources for a harsh winter.

When you can afford it, stock up on extra kratom to store away, maybe a couple of months’ worth, for those sometimes unexpected times when you’re broke and can’t buy any kratom. Have a special reserve stash to avoid this problem altogether. Keep this in mind for future reference. Try to always have more than what you need, instead of living from one bag to the next.


Try using other substances that are said to have some shared effects characteristics with kratom. You can rather easily to research on the internet and find botanical substances and therapeutic plants that match your particular symptoms.

Even though kratom doesn’t heal or cure anything, it is said to be helpful in certain circumstances, both physically and for mood. Customers even use one type of kratom for one thing, and another type of kratom for some other issue. But what can you do when you run out of kratom?

CBD oil might be a fantastic substitute to get you by. If it’s legal where you live, you could try some form of cannabis, Delta 8 hemp, or CBD flower.

Try to avoid turning or returning to such things as alcohol, phenibut, bath salts, illegal drugs, head shop highs, street dope, opioids, or benzos. You should be able to find healthier and less expensive alternatives in nature.

Start by investigating such plants as kava kava, blue lotus, yerba mate, and similar herbs.


Don’t panic. Your mind is more powerful than you may realize. You can power through this. You can find the strength to endure. Life may seem a bit less pleasant, but chances are, it need not be experienced as totally horrible.

Appreciate the comfort you have received in the past and the comfort you can look forward to in the near future. Be thankful for your home, your groceries, your books, and TV and computers. Express gratitude to your family, roommate, or special partner. Place a higher value for things you may take for granted.

Learn simple breathing exercises, stretching postures, and walking regimens that can distract you and also will fortify your inner resources.

Get more deeply into immaterialist zones. If you have a religion, go more deeply into that. If you prefer philosophy, biographies, novels, painting, music, history, astronomy, fashion, parenting, law, architecture, ranching, spelunking, or herbology – whatever you’re interested in, divert your sorrowing mind to technical details and groping to understand difficult subjects.


It might seem odd, but there is proven psychological and emotional value in laughter.

Watch comedy films, funny sitcoms, video humor shows, and other good-hearted entertainment. Instead of sulking in a corner, focus mind on wondrous things, musical performances, theatre, science, National Geographic, the History Channel, anything that can relieve your mind from constant concentration on your ailments.

While chuckling at humorous entertainment, keep in the back of your mind those days before you even knew about kratom. And think about the millions of fellow humans who are suffering far worse than you, in miserable, hopeless conditions that may never improve.

A Tantric Tibetan Buddhist trick is when you see a 5 headed monster demon, just imagine how feeble it is compared to a 10 headed monster demon.

Look at the bright side, do things that help others, and receive the strength to carry on. Life can be grim and lonely at times, but we become better, more sensitive, and caring individuals if we keep ourselves from growing bitter and overly self-pitying. Those attitudes will only increase our solitude.

Hang around and interact with positive friends, and try to spend less time with sour pusses and negative Neds. Protect your mind from negativity, even in the media news reports or sad movies.


Diet and exercise are very important in balancing our well-being and joy in life. Get outside in the sunshine and fresh air. Take your dog for a walk. Do some landscaping or gardening. Mow the lawn. Knock sticks off the garage roof. Clean out the gutters.

Pick up your guitar or synthesizer and jam. Read an engrossing book full of suspense or interesting information. Call a friend and talk, but try not to dwell on how lousy you feel or anything “woe is me” like that. Try to meet someone else’s needs. Perhaps you have some expertise from which they could benefit. Or you can recommend a new movie on Netflix to them.

Engage in some activities. Learn new skills. Start moving around a lot more, drinking more water, and twisting those muscles and limbs in ways that will strengthen and increase poise.

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