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6 Tips on What To Do When Kratom Tastes Terrible

If kratom is so awful tasting, you can’t tolerate it, what can be done? Are there ways to sweeten or neutralize its taste? Are there strains of kratom that tend to be less harsh?

Kratom tends to be a very bitter substance. People new to kratom often have trouble dealing with the sharp, pungent taste. They may decide to load kratom powder into gelatin capsules, then swallow the capsules, to avoid torturing their taste-buds.

But toss and wash is the fastest and most effective way to get kratom into your system. You put a teaspoon of powder on your tongue, then wash it down with grapefruit juice or coffee. You may then eat a few olives or grapes to remove kratom residue from your teeth.

So how do toss and washers do it? How do they endure the terrible taste of kratom?

Here are 6 tips on what to do when kratom tastes bad.


Try a different strain or kratom from a different region.

There are some strains of kratom that customers call mild, not bitter, even sweet.

And place of origin can have an effect on how kratom tastes. Kratom grown in Thailand may have a somewhat different taste than kratom grown in Malaysia, Aceh, Bentuangie, or Borneo.

So mix things up.

Try a different strain. If you’ve been using White Elephant for quite a while, and it suddenly tastes unbearably bitter to you, a change of strain may be a solution. Go with a Red Dragon, Green Maeng Da, or White Borneo.

You should be switching things up anyway, as a solid routine. By periodically, daily or weekly or monthly, changing the strain you use, you can avoid developing a tolerance to a specific alkaloid profile.

Taste-buds are funny. A Chocolate Bentuangie may taste rather sweet for a while, then a new batch arrives that doesn’t taste exactly the same, maybe it was from a different grow season or was allowed to mature to horn development stage, making it more potent, but perhaps more bitter, too.

So what tastes great for a while could abruptly not taste good anymore, due to a variety of possible reasons. This is the time to give up your favorite strain and start using something different. You might even switch the vein color, going with a red or green, instead of your standard white.

Some say that Royal Bentuangie, Dark Green, and Red Bali as indivdual strains tend to be far less bitter and significantly easier to take with the toss and wash method. But your experience may not be congruent with this conclusion. You may discover that white vein strains taste a lot better than the red or green vein kratoms. You’ll have to do your own exploration, but it will be fun.

Try a kratom from a different regional origin.

If you love the kratom that comes from Aceh, you may decide to stick with that region for a while. The problem that can happen is at some point, your tongue rebels and insists on variety. Your body may even become somewhat immune to the Aceh kratom effects.

So ditch the Aceh kratom temporarily, and try kratom from the Vietnam, Sumatra, Bentuangie, Cambodia, Malaysia, Borneo, Thailand, or Jongkong regions. The tastes may be better for you and the results more powerful.


Abstain from kratom for a brief period.

Sometimes, the system will reject something for unknown reasons. It could be that your body wants relief from the monotony of daily kratom dosing. It’s suddenly become weary or bored with it, and this fatigue is expressed in a distaste for the powder on the tongue.

You may just need to give your body a vacation from kratom. It may need to attend to some internal organ and tissue affairs that kratom might somehow interfere with or dilute. It doesn’t hurt to fast from things. When you return to them, you often acquire a whole new appreciation for it.

During your abstinence period, doing without kratom, you might be able to control your symptoms with cannabis, coffee, peppermint tea, chamomile tea, CBD oil, THC extract tincture, marijuana edibles, organic honey, or other natural substances, until you return to kratom.

You might quit kratom for a day, a week, or a month. Rest assured that your stomach will like this break and the effects will be way more powerful when you resume kratom usage.


Try a different form of kratom: capsule, extract or resin.

Kratom powder applied directly to the tongue is the best way to take kratom, but if you go through a time when you just can’t endure that super bitter taste, try using kratom capsules, extract, or resin.

Loading kratom powder into gelatin capsules totally eliminates the bitter taste problem of toss and wash. But, since the gel caps have to dissolve before the kratom can enter your system, the effects take longer to kick in, and may not be quite as pronounced.

Extracts and resin are powerful concentrates which require caution, but can provide relief from the bitterness of kratom powder. Use about ¼ of the amount you use in powder.

Kratom extract usually is in a granular form, rather than a fine powder. It tends to have a sharp, but not bitter taste. It’s more a vinegar, lemon, or tart cherry type flavor. You probably won’t call it horrible, but you might be intrigued and have fun nibbling on chunks of it.

You can dissolve small pieces of extract in hot coffee or hot tea. Or you can cut it into a few little bit and wash them down with liquids. You may want to also eat a grape or olive or pickle to force down your throat any stubborn sliver. You could also sprinkle some extract into your regular powder. Or you could load some extract into a capsule and take it that way.

Resin “candy” is a delightful concentrate. It comes as a lump of compressed gummy type substance. You can use a sharp knife to cut a sliver of it for using as you would use granular extract (explained above). You might be amazed at how fast it dissolves in hot cup of coffee.

How does resin taste? It has a distinct taste of what might be called herbal green tea in a concentrated form, pungent, but not bitter like regular kratom powder. It’s a bit nicer asting than typical granulated kratom extract.

In fact, resin sometimes tastes slightly like chocolate, perhaps a burnt Smore, or a cigar dipped in sweet black seed oil honey. You’ll come up with you own way to describe the unique taste of kratom resin, but you’ll have no trouble raving about this easy way to quickly achieve kratom effects.

Be careful, though. Don’t start nibbling on a big lump of resin, until you accidentally consume too much and get the wobbles, a headache, dizziness, or other discomfort.

Consider extract and resin for times when you’re in a hurry and can’t mess around with the grim (and sometimes messy) toss and wash routine. It’s quicker and easier to take a dose of extract or resin, so be sure to have some of both stored away somewhere.


Try mixing kratom powder with applesauce or juice.

Now be forewarned: you may make things worse. Some feel that blending bitter kratom powder into a bowl of applesauce results in a vile mud. Others love this way of taking kratom, sort of a Slurp and Burp.

There are recipes online for a variety of ways to use kratom as an ingredient in cooking and baking. If you wish to pursue that route, remember to be aware of grams and dosages of the kratom, don’t overdo it. If you take too much kratom, you’ll probably just vomit it up.

How about putting your kratom powder dose amount in a jug of orange juice, shaking it up vigorously, and chugging it down that way? Many customers say this is the #1 ideal way to take kratom. Some may substitute chocolate milk for orange juice, but mixing kratom with a pleasant beverage is a very popular method.


Try kratom as a brewed tea.

Measure out your regular dose of kratom powder. Let the powder simmer in lemon juice for 15 minutes. Pour boiling water on the kratom powder, saturated with lemon juice, that you have scraped into a cup. Add honey to sweeten.


Try combining kratom with honey, peanut butter, lemon juice, etc.

This is the preferred method for a lot of kratom users: using kratom as part of a candy or sandwich or other food. People have stirred kratom powder into pudding and others have rolled kratom into peanut butter balls, glazing them with organic honey and cinnamon.

There are many fancy ways to prepare unusual dishes as a means of administering kratom to the system. If you do a brief internet search, you may find something that becomes a favorite.


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  1. Steve Lamboy

    Our preferred method is thus: Small amount of hot coffee, or water (we take 8 gram doses, so approx 1/4c. Coffee) IMO hot works best, cold won’t mix with that fine powder…then mix til slightly watery mud like consistency, add Chocolate ALMOND milk! I prefer Silk brand Dark Chocolate (sweetened). The choc helps mask the bitter and the thickness of the Almond milk keeps me from gagging. I can’t imagine putting dry powder on my tongue!
    I have tried regular chocolate milk, but it’s not as good as almond.

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