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7 Reasons to Have Confidence in Kratom

Kratom is safer and more effective than almost anything in nature or Big Pharma. You have a multitude of reasons to trust the powers inherent in kratom. What botanists refer to as mitragyna speciosa or kratom, has many positive aspects. Let’s look at just a few of them.

ONE Kratom has been used for generations in Southeast Asia.

One big thing that gives us confidence in taking kratom is its long history. It wasn’t concocted by scientists, hoping to make huge profits in spite of possible side effects. Kratom is not a pharmaceutical product, nor does it come with the downsides of such medicines.

No, kratom is a member of the coffee family. It’s a simple, natural plant – similar to roses, tomatoes, dandelions, and oak trees. It exists in nature as a benevolent plant for careful and joyous human usage.

Generations of people in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, Borneo, and other regions of the area have used kratom, primarily chewing fresh leaves or brewing it in a tea and adding sweetener to tamp down its bitter taste. Laborers in the fields gained more stamina, endurance, and motivation when adding kratom to their diet.

Kratom has good documentation, reaching back many years, of being a reliable and non-problematic supplement that helps many different issues.

TWO Kratom is a plant, not a recreational drug.

Kratom is not some new designer drug made in a lab somewhere. Nor is it a “get high” party thrill.

Kratom is a serious substance that has unusual qualities that set it far apart from street dope. To try to use kratom as just another fun thing to add to alcohol, cocaine, heroin, Adderall, Xanax, Ritalin, cannabis, or other substances is indeed foolish and disappointing But when used with mature understanding, and self-restraint, the benefits are amazing and one-of-a-kind.

THREE Kratom has built-in abuse deterrents.

If someone tried to use too much kratom, it’s so bitter, that vomiting would occur. This is a mechanism in the chemical nature of kratom that prevents people from deliberately or accidentally overdoing it. It’s easy to inject, smoke, or inhale too much of something, but kratom is not easy to abuse. It’s hard to drink a lot of tea or swallow a big load of bitter, dry powder.

FOUR Kratom is persecuted by the same forces that tried to suppress cannabis.

This may seem like a slightly odd angle, but it’s true.

The same powers that want to control everything you do with your private body are the ones trying to make kratom illegal. Big Pharma has an undue influence on the FDA and the DEA. All three join forces to make sure the large pharmaceutical companies continue to make huge profits.

Persecution of natural substances found in plants, growing wild and abundantly for good reason, is anti-nature, anti-human, and anti-science. When money over-rides concerns for health and treatments for disease, we must take our stand with nature, while appreciating the many good things done by pharmaceutical products.

FIVE Kratom is chosen by free thinkers.

There is something about kratom that attracts the attention and respect of people who reason independently. Having been harmed or deceived in the past by big drug corporations makes one look a bit more closely at what has been provided for us in the natural world.

SIX Kratom is easy to use.

Your daily serving of kratom is not difficult to take, nor is it excessively messy. No sneaking around with syringes or glass pipes. No embarrassing rituals that require privacy and induce shame. Kratom can be taken in gelatin capsules, chewable tablets, brewed tea, drinkable powder mixes, liquid extract shots, and other convenient forms.

SEVEN Kratom is proving to be helpful for other mammals, not just human beings.

This is a nice aspect of kratom that you may not think about a lot. Kratom is so beneficial, in its simple alkaloid actions on the system, other species in the animal kingdom seem to be helped by it, too. This shows how pervasive the good effects of kratom are and how a natural plant can be enjoyed by a variety of creatures who share this globe with us.

Please see our article “Can I Give Kratom to My Pets?” for more information. Always consult with a veterinarian before attempting to give new substances and medicines to your dog, cat, rabbit, reptile, bird, etc.

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