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7 Signs of a True Lover of Kratom

It’s easy to see if a person really loves kratom. A genuine fondness for kratom will manifest in these particular ways:

ONE You don’t abuse kratom.

A sure sign of a mature, intelligent use of kratom is moderation. Less is more in the kratom world. Once you arrive at the right serving amount and frequency of taking kratom, you remain at that level. Unlike opioids, benzos, and alcohol, you don’t keep increasing your serving. Steady serving size and schedule will do the job for many years, with no escalation required.

TWO You know how to avoid developing a tolerance.

The savvy kratom user uses a few different methods for preventing the body from being coming overly familiar with a specific alkaloid profile. By switching strains, not using just one strain all the time, and skipping days, you keep your system somewhat virginal to the impact of kratom. Abstaining from kratom for a while is a great way to boost the effects when you return to it.

THREE You know how to find a reliable kratom vendor.

You may have tried obtaining kratom from a variety of sources. Some take a chance at the kratom found at a discount tobacco outlet, gas station, or hippie headshop. Often these places carry very low-quality, highly hyped kratom products. You know that you need pure, fresh, potent, 3rd party lab-tested kratom and you’ve discovered vendors who provide top-shelf products.

FOUR You’re familiar with the different types of kratom.

Over the years, you’ve tried the various forms of kratom that are available: powder, liquid shots, capsules, chewable tablets, drink mix sachets, resin “candy”, crushed leaf, brewed tea bags, and granular extract. You’ve learned how and when to use such products and you have developed a favorite that you tend to use the most.

FIVE You don’t try to use kratom as a recreational drug.

You respect kratom’s natural powers and don’t consider it to be just another party high. You know that kratom cannot be used as a chemical thrill without any symptoms that need solutions. You even stop taking kratom when your symptoms are calmed down, perhaps substituting cannabis or kava. You don’t mix kratom by taking prescription drugs (unless absolutely necessary for a medical condition), alcohol, or street dope along with it.

SIX You participate in online kratom conversations.

You like to stay informed on kratom’s legality, health benefits, and scientific research. Going to kratom blogs and discussion forums is one way you remain tuned in. You engage in some form of kratom activism. You answer questions other forum members have and you like to share your knowledge and experiences.

SEVEN You grow in wisdom about kratom.

You’re curious about how kratom was discovered and how ancient peoples have used it in Southeast Asia. You enjoy learning about the history, botanical qualities, and chemical properties of kratom that cause its beneficial effects. You try to gather as much information as you can, so you can benefit personally, defend kratom in online debates, and have a greater ability to help others.

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