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Can I Give Kratom to My Pets?

After experiencing the many benefits of mitragyna speciosa yourself, you may start to wonder if this same kratom might be helpful for your dog or cat. Quick TL;DR version: kratom may be great for your pets, but you should probably wait to find products made specifically for them.

I know, we all have fed table scraps to a dog in the past. They seem to thrive on substances similar or identical to what we eat. But trying to solve a medical problem with something that is not fully tested or researched for humans, is not a great idea for a dog or cat quite yet.

You may see CBD oil preparations that are designed for a dog or a cat. There are many good brands of this type of product. You can have a lot more confidence and peace of mind when a benign substance has been concocted with a dog or cat’s special needs in mind. Even dog and cat food tend to be better for our pets than human foods if they’re scientifically formulated to provide for a pet’s metabolism.

You may already be giving your dog or cat some nutritional supplements to help relieve joint pain or other issues. Pet formulations of chews containing Glucosamine Hydrochloride and Sodium Chondroitin Sulfate now exist as products for sale, for example.

Have people given kratom in tiny amounts to their dog or cat? Probably, if the anecdotes on various online forums are to be believed. Just as each human individual is different, and needs medications that take into account their total medical history and current condition, the same goes for our pets of any species.

On the bright side, however, current studies and anecdotal evidence from customer reports seem to indicate that all mammals respond well to kratom for various issues. While this is nice to know, we are again faced with the fact that administering the right kratom strain, serving size, and serving frequency can be very tricky. Ideally, you’ll want a qualified, compassionate veterinarian to handle this.


Treating animals with Kratom turned out to be very useful. Studies were performed on cats, dogs, rabbits, and even lizards. The results showed that Kratom has positive effects on pain relief without severe side effects. So, if your dog is suffering from a broken bone or other pain, Kratom might help.

All mammals react to this substance and experience general improvements when suffering from pain, stress, anxiety, and seizures. Kratom is a natural opioid painkiller that can improve your dog’s quality of life without causing damage and complications.

Veterinarians prescribe Kratom to restless, anxious, and hurting dogs. As a result, dogs could calm down and the pain that has kept them so restless stops almost immediately. But, giving your dog too much can cause seizures, so you should always consult with a vet before administering Kratom to your pets. You may also want to get the best kratom strains for your pet.

However, some tests proved that Kratom does have health benefits for dogs.

Here are some of those tests:

  • Hotplate test
  • Writhing test
  • Inflammation/pressure test
  • Tail flick test

The dosage depends on the size and weight of your dog.

Bigger dogs need higher doses and [smaller dogs require much smaller servings].

The ideal dosage for humans is about 7 to 10 mg, so a third of that should be enough for your four-legged friend of average size and weight. Of course, if you have a small dog, 1 or 2 mg is enough.

Give it a try and see how Kratom could help your dog more than any other medicine.


These and similar items are wonderful to read about, but if you decide to try giving your dog or cat a really minute amount of kratom, and see if they don’t vomit it up, act weird, or have unquenchable thirst, you are taking a risk. You may end up helping your dog or cat, or things could go badly.

At least contact some animal doctors and ask them what they recommend regarding kratom for a dog or cat of your pet’s breed, weight, age, any medications it’s currently taking, and its normal personality. These factors, and more, will determine what kind of kratom is given and how often the serving is provided.

You’ll want a veterinarian to know already that you’re trying kratom with your pet, in case anything negative occurs.

We must not assume that if it’s okay for us, our pets can have some. This can be a very bad mistake. Avoid any problems that could arise when you introduce a very unusual substance to any individual. Your safest bet is to find a good veterinarian who is already successfully treating dogs, cats, birds, lizards, rabbits, or whatever with kratom

You can ask the animal doctor what brand he recommends, then go to a reputable kratom vendor and ask them if they anticipate stocking any dog kratom or cat kratom products, from that brand or others of high quality.

As kratom grows in popularity, and efforts to criminalize it are defeated, we naturally begin to ponder such things, like can we give a little kratom to our furry animal family members. Let’s proceed very cautiously in this realm. One mistake could be tragic, or even fatal. Dogs and cats are not exactly the same as we humans are. We must keep this fact in mind.

You may have already discovered a good formulation of kratom for a dog or for a cat. If not, it’s likely that good, reputable sources of kratom products will begin to stock them and you’ll soon be seeing them pop up here and there as you go about your internet business and conduct searches.

Be safe, rather than sorry. Go with veterinarian endorsed, dog-specific or cat-specific products, whether it’s food, treats, CBD oil, kratom, or anything else.

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