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Can Kratom Help You Lose Weight?

How does kratom affect your appetite? Can it help with losing weight? How does kratom assist in getting slim? Or, flipside of the coin, will kratom cause me to actually gain weight?

These questions are of great importance when you’re seeking a way to get rid of excess pounds, or need to bulk up for some sports purpose where you’re too skinny. But kratom’s effects are a bit tricky. It really could go either way actually. Let’s look a bit closer.

First, kratom has been said to help you with anxiety, stress, and blue moods. If kratom does indeed relieve you of worrying, fretting, feeling like impending doom is coming – then you may end up eating more, or eating less, depending on your personality.

In general, when stress is reduced, cravings for comfort foods are also decreased. So, in one sense, kratom can result in healthier diets for us, since we are calmed down, made happy, and don’t turn to ice cream, chocolate, junk food for tranquilizing.

But on the other hand, when we feel good, we may want to celebrate – by indulging in fun foods that make us obese.

How kratom impacts you in this regard is up to other factors in your life.

Does it depend on which strain or vein color you use?

That’s another area of uncertainty. Some say the red vein strains will suppress appetite. But it seems like the white strains would be even better, since white vein kratom is reported to provide some people with energy, endurance, stimulation, motivation, which all would typically lead to less eating.

If you do some research online, you’ll see the confusion. Some claim kratom made them gain weight, others avow that kratom helped them lose weight. It seems to be tied more to individual personalities and their histories and life situations, than to any specific types of kratom.

A study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology in 2008 looked at how kratom extract affected rats, whose digestive systems are similar to ours. They found that the rats on high levels of kratom did lose weight. But this is just one study. No scientific studies have been done on humans regarding kratom and weight loss.

The author of this article has taken kratom as a dietary supplement for specific symptoms for over 5 years now. I asked my wife, who is more accurate than a mirror, “Have I gained weight, or lost weight, since I started using kratom 5 years ago?”

My wife said, “Not much change really.”

My scales tell a slightly different story. I weighed about 240 pounds 5 years ago. Now I weigh in at around 210 pounds. But is this weight loss due to kratom? Perhaps I’ve been walking my dog more and doing a lot more yard work on my property. It’s hard to say.


It’s a foggy notion, this idea that kratom might help you lose weight or conversely, may assist in weight gain. No definitive, scientifically proven or anecdotally attested statement can be made right now. We need more user reports and clinical studies.

Kratom and appetite? What’s the possible connection?

It all probably depends to a significant extent on the individual. Your daily activities, amount of exercise, what you do at your job, your leisure time pursuits, your recreational routines, how much water you drink, what your entire diet consists of, your age, your physical build, your genetics, and your general overall health status.

Until we have more reliable information, kratom must honestly be labeled UNKNOWN or VARIABLE as to its effects on your body weight.

But great Caesar’s ghost! We have plenty to shout and jump up and down about when it comes to our beloved mitragyna speciosa (kratom’s botanical name) ~! Just think of all the documented, experiential evidence of what kratom DOES DO for us! Where would we be without it? I don’t like to think about that! Enjoy~!

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