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Experimenting With Your Kratom

Nobody likes to be stuck in a rut. Did you know there are new things you can do regarding kratom?

Experimenting with your kratom can be a very good thing to practice now and then. But what do we mean by “experimenting”? Not the definition used by drug users who recklessly try anything that comes along. We don’t mean irresponsible abuse or immature clowning around.

By “experimenting” is NOT meant toying with a substance to achieve a drug high or chemical thrill. The experimentation in view is getting out of your grooved routine and trying new things related to kratom.

Here are some ideas on experimenting with kratom in a mature and reasonable manner.

ONE Change the form of kratom you use.

For example, if you always take kratom that’s loaded into capsules, try the toss and wash method, just to see how you like it. The effects tend to kick in harder and faster with the toss and wash method. So, even though the bitter taste encountered in toss and wash may be challenging, you’ll experience a whole new way of using kratom, with a unique set of effects.

You might decide to alternate, doing capsules for a few days, then toss and wash, then back to capsules. Or you may want to at least learn to tolerate toss and washing, in case you experience increased symptoms and need to beef up how kratom affects you.

TWO Change the dose amount and frequency.

If you regularly take 2 teaspoons of kratom every morning, as your daily dose, try taking one teaspoon in the morning, then a second teaspoon in the early evening. Notice what happens. Decide if this might be something to alternate with your normal routine. You might like how differently your day goes by just using half a dose, then taking the other half later, rather than the whole dose all at once.

THREE Change the strain you use.

Some folks get fixated on one favorite strain and decide to buy a lot of it. This may be a mistake, because your system needs to take a break from one strain over and over again. By using one special strain all the time, with no variations, you may develop a tolerance to the specific alkaloid profile of that strain. In other words, you’ll need to increase the amount you use to achieve the former results of earlier days.

If you tend to favor Aceh, try a Bentuangie strain. If you keep buying Enlightened strains, give an Elephant strain a chance. You will at least give your body a happy change from one relentlessly administered strain. And you may discover a strain that you love more than your current favorite strain.

FOUR Change the vein color you use.

Sure, for certain ailments, you may have found red vein kratom to be ideal. So you always buy a red vein. Red Enlightened, Red Sumatra, Red Borneo, Red / Chocolate Bentuangie, Red Aceh, Red Maeng Da, and so on. You possibly have never felt any need to use the white or green veins, or the yellows and golds made by special fermentation and drying techniques.

Even though it’s generally true that red is best for certain issues, white is best for other conditions, and green is ideal for different purposes – it’s still a smart idea to vary the kratom vein colors that you use. One reason is that the variety will prevent you from building up a tolerance to a specific vein color alkaloid profile. Another reason is that you may find a few green vein strains to actually be better than most red vein kratoms for your particular needs. Or so on with the red, white, and green veins and the yellow, chocolate, and gold variations.

FIVE Change your usage regularity.

Skip days. Instead of taking kratom on a regular daily schedule, with no breaks, try going a day or more without kratom. If you abstain from kratom for a few days, or a whole week, or a couple of weeks, you’ll be doing your body a favor.

Try skipping every 3rd or 4th day. Or pledge to never use kratom on Sundays, holidays, family outing days, school exam days, or other special occasions, just to exercise discipline and give your body a change of pace.

If you can substitute something natural like cannabis for kratom, or simply go without kratom, for a period of time, you will experience what’s called a “reset”. Your body will re-adjust to the absence of kratom more and more. In time, you’ll be virginal toward kratom. Then, when you do go back to taking it, your kratom will hit you harder, faster, and longer.

SIX Change the liquid you use in toss and wash.

If you chase your kratom powder with grapefruit juice (a great potentiator), try switching to lemonade or orange juice instead. Or wash it down with plain water, but then drink some chocolate milk to rinse the kratom bitterness out.

Try, at the conclusion of your toss and wash routine, eating some grapes, berries, olives, or other sweet, salty, or spicey foods that can help eliminate that awful kratom flavor.

Or, if you mix your kratom powder into orange juice, shaking it up and chugging it, try using pineapple juice, or strawberry juice instead.

SEVEN Change the potency.

This recommendation is given, with great caution and serious warnings. Kratom concentrates must be handled wisely and with special care.

Kratom resin, extracts, liquid shots, and enhanced preparations are not to be toyed with. They must be respected and reserved for times of increased symptoms, when a little extra relief is desired. This should not be a regular occasion, but a rare event.

You don’t want to accelerate the development of a tolerance by using stronger forms of kratom too often, or just for spurious, hedonistic reasons. Goofing around with kratom will result in a misery you don’t want to enter.

Sure, we all like to try something more powerful, when we already like a weaker version of a substance, but when we constantly take concentrates just to have fun, the trouble is manifold and best to avoid. One thing: you’ll need huge amounts of kratom to solve your issues if you tinker unwisely with kratom concentrates. And that will get expensive. Best to be satisfied with regular forms of kratom and use concentrates rarely, and for a short period of time.

But one valid way to try new things related to kratom is to try some different strengths of kratom.

For example, what is known as kratom resin “candy” can be a convenient way to administer a stronger dose to your system quickly, with no mess or trouble, aside from sawing a little sliver of it off. A tiny chunk of this black glob can be eaten, mixed in with your regular powder, or dissolved in hot coffee or tea. It doesn’t taste as bitter as kratom powder, in fact you may enjoy the taste of kratom resin.

Kratom extract liquid shots are a pleasant, quick, non-messy way to get kratom into your system. They taste a bit like whiskey. Not unpleasant, but a shock to the palate for sure. It smells so incredibly nice, like Southern Illinois summers in the farmlands.


It’s fun to try new strategies with those things we already like. It can keep kratom interesting to us and can increase its value to our lives. Just be sure to experiment like a scientist or a concerned mother. Kratom can be your friend – only if you treat it right.


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