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Hot Tea Method of Taking Kratom

Hot Tea Method is the technique of putting your regular dose of kratom powder in a coffee cup, heating water in a pot to simmering (not boiling), then pouring the simmering water into the cup, stir it, let it cool enough to drink comfortably.

That’s it. But it’s a major big deal. Why?

Because (1) it makes kratom much easier to swallow than the toss and wash method (2) it makes the kratom effects kick in faster and stronger (3) this is how Malaysians, Vietnamese, Cambodians, Indonesians, and other native peoples have used kratom for generations (along with chewing fresh leaves).

Since chewing fresh kratom leaves, or making a hot kratom tea, is how Southeast Asians have taken kratom, and never via toss and wash, for thousands of years, there must be something to the Hot Tea Method. [Unfortunately, most of us can’t obtain fresh kratom leaves to nibble on.]

So the Hot Tea Method speeds up and intensifies the effects, and reduces the troublesome bitterness of, your kratom powder.

If you have ever experienced kratom rejection by your stomach, it’s memorable. For some reason, perhaps even after several years of taking kratom almost daily via the toss and wash method, you suddenly are occasionally vomiting up your dose. Or you have extreme difficulty psyching yourself up to take your dose via toss and wash. Your stomach is rebelling against the bitterness.

First, let it be understood that bitterness is a feature, not a glitch. Bitterness is good for you. It triggers certain processes in your system. Bitterness provides relief from too much sugary, salty, sour, and spicy foods.

But sometimes the bitterness of kratom is a real problem. Especially when, though you can force yourself to swallow the kratom powder, your stomach may not approve, and may be very aggressive in its response.

There are several ways to solve this “too bitter for my stomach to handle” problem.

You can take kratom via capsules.

You can take kratom extract or resin (which is concentrated, so use about ¼ the amount of your regular powder dose, and it tastes rather tart, not bitter).

You can take a kratom liquid extract shot.

You can switch to a milder, less bitter kratom strain (e.g., Chocolate Bentuangie, Red Dragon, White Elephant, Dark Green).

You can try lowering your dose amount. One teaspoon instead of two, for example.

But one of the best solutions, though not perfect, is this Hot Tea Method of taking kratom. It is said to be the traditional way of taking kratom in countries where it is grown and harvested. Kratom is a tea that requires hot water to somehow reduce the bitterness.

Hot Tea Method must use simmering, not boiling water. Boiling kratom in water may destroy the alkaloids that provide effects you seek. Simmering means little tiny bubbles appear at the bottom of the water in the teapot. Boiling, to be avoided, means bubbles forming at the top of the water.

You may filter the tea, to remove undissolved leaves or powder, but this is not necessary. Most people seem to just keep stirring it and drinking the entire contents of the coffee cup. That might take a few gulps.

Now, your first question is probably: how does heated water reduce the bitterness of kratom powder? This is not fully understood, but heated water also seems to make the kratom less sticky, easier for your system to digest and extract alkaloids from it.

Heated kratom tea is not a delicious beverage, but it is definitely milder, less bitter, less nauseating, than toss and wash kratom powder. It’s a sludge, but you can down it in about 3 gulps. Chase it with orange juice, sugared ice tea, chocolate milk, or other pleasant beverage.

Or eat a dill pickle spear, black raspberries, strawberries, melon, grapes, olives, or other substance to remove the taste and to get rid of any kratom powder sludge residue on your teeth and gums.

Your next question is likely: how can I sweeten or flavor this hot kratom tea?

Many people like to add such things to it as organic honey, lemon juice, lime juice, chamomile, peppermint, or cinnamon to make it taste a bit better. You can do your own experiments with such items, until you arrive at your favorite combination, or just decide to drink it straight, in a flash.

Either way, you’re sure to enjoy this Hot Tea Method of taking kratom, and it may become your primary technique. It intensifies the effects so much, you may want to start by using only half the amount of your normal, routine dose. Wait a few hours, take the second half only if it seems necessary. With kratom, less tends to be more.

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