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How Much Kratom is Too Much?

Can we say that a person is unintentionally abusing kratom, by taking too much or taking it too often?

Or should we be more polite and say they are possibly using more than is normally considered a safe and effective amount?

You don’t know what I’ve been through. I don’t know what you’ve been through. So how can one person judge another justly?

Comparing what one person does with what another person does, or even with a statistical norm is interesting, but not binding, not set in cement. Each person has different needs, symptoms, weaknesses, deficiencies, strengths, metabolism, etc. Some people take only kratom, no other substances for health or mood purposes. Others must use a variety of medications. So guidelines are just suggestions, based on research (still in its early stages) and patient experiences.

No shaming. No feeling superior or inferior. Let’s simply look at suggested amounts of kratom, realizing that low doses tend to energize, while higher doses tend to sedate. So for certain purposes, increasing your dose amount can backfire. Conversely, decreasing your dose can result in the opposite effects from what you hoped for, and not just a decrease in the expected effects.

No Need to Keep Increasing Your Kratom Dosage

Right off the bat, understand that kratom is NOT an opioid. You do not keep escalating your dose, to “work up to” a high dosage amount, like that’s some kind of rational goal.

No. Kratom is not like heroin, Xanax, or Fentanyl. Kratom is a member of the coffee family, but contains no caffeine. Your body will tell you how much you need to take. No need to compare that with what anybody else is doing. But it’s wise to at least be aware of where your dose fits in with what experts and long-time users recommend.

Kratom is not like opioids or benzos, which tend to be instantly addictive and larger and larger doses are required to maintain the same level of effects. Those who take kratom figure out the ideal dose amount and frequency for them, and they stick to it for years, with nothing increasing, aside from rare times of unexpected symptom flare-ups.

You can abuse any substance, including kratom. But with kratom, it’s actually hard to deliberately overdose, because your stomach will vomit it up. Overload your stomach, you puke. It’s in Science.

Why General Kratom Guidelines Exist

So how much is a small, moderate, or large dose? What is considered excessive? Is there any consensus on the amount of kratom a person should use?

Or is it nobody’s business what someone else does with their body?

Is even a discussion of proper, recommended amounts of kratom automatically biased against heavy users, and thus, already judgmental?

Yes, it is good to warn people about potential dangers to their body, even if nobody should try to control another person, except in extreme, life-threatening situations. So we don’t want to shame anyone. Nobody is going to be condemned or humiliated. What you do is up to you. But to get super sensitive and defensive about the mere topic of recommended kratom dosage amounts seems to be a bit more to do with the person, subjectively, and not the actual topic of conversation.

Yes, there do exist general guidelines about kratom, as there are about all substances.

Kratom has been used for generations in Southeast Asia, with wonderful results and no real social problems, unlike what happens with opioids. Although kratom is natural, traditional, and herbal, we must use wisdom in how we use it. We must bring a mature, realistic attitude to the table. Even too much water can kill you, as drowned souls will testify.

You, however, may be an exception to the basic rules set forth by drug researchers, plant specialists, natural health experts, and customer input on various forums.

So you should not glance at the recommended dosage amounts – and then run off feeling like you’re missing something and need to get busy boosting your amount, or feel guilty about taking a lot more than is normal.

For example, by analogy, if national statistics state that most people drink 4 cups of coffee a day, and you drink only 2 cups a day, why feel subnormal or like you’re just dabbling with caffeine? Or conversely, if you drink 6 cups a day, why feel ashamed or inferior, like you’re a hedonistic, gluttonous loser to not exercise more self-restraint? LOL

It’s easy to get lost in the weeds in discussions like this. But with the help of my Elmer Fudd scythe, we shall cut through those brushes and brambles, and get right to it.

Should you be consuming more kratom? Or should you cut back on how much you’re now taking?

What’s Best For You Individually? Listen To Your Body.

That should be determined, not by some chart, but by your own personal experience, with the chart as just a guide, not absolute, set-in-stone commandments. You, and only you, can figure out what works best for you.

Your body will tell you how much kratom you need. It might take a few months to nail down exactly when and how much, but your body’s own biochemical intelligence will sort things out specifically for you. Don’t let your clever, mischievous mind step in and try to “party” recklessly! Or put on judge’s robes and try to shame you for using so much!

What others say about kratom, what they do with kratom, how much they take – it’s all irrelevant to you. But we can all learn from those who have studied kratom scientifically and have used kratom for many years longer than we have. We can know what the norms are, and how they were arrived at, and how they apply to our lives, but we don’t have to feel rigidly oppressed by these generalized insights.

So now, without feeling positively elated or negatively upset by what we learn, let’s look at the norms for kratom usage.

Start slow and low. Gradually increase until you hit your sweet spot. Using less will disappoint, but using more will just make you sleepy. Your body will tell you the ideal dose.

What happens when a person serendiptitiously uses very large doses of kratom? Like with many other substances, overdoing it results in negation of effects, accompanied by rejection of the substance by the body (vomiting, diarrhea, constipation, etc.).

Rather quickly, you burn out your circuits and no longer respond to any kratom. You overloaded the receptors and they have surrendered. You must then do a reset by abstaining from kratom for a few weeks or months. Then start all over again, with smaller doses, slightly increasing until you find your nirvana level. Then that dose will likely remain steady for many years.

Do an internet search on “kratom dosing” and you’ll see pretty consistent information, giving allowances for exceptions for specific individuals and their medical history.

Recommended Kratom Dose Amounts:

Probably Too Low: zero up to 2 grams (won’t do anything at such a low dose)

Low: 2 – 4 grams

Moderate : 5 – 8 grams

Medium Large: 9 – 12 grams

Very Large: 13-18 grams

Possible Overload: 19 + grams (may want to consider experimenting with gradually decreasing your dose)


If you feel like all of a sudden, kratom is not working for you, don’t assume you need to increase the amount or frequent of your dose.

Switch strains constantly, skip days if at all possible (depending on the severity of your symptoms), and switch vein colors. This will enable you to avoid developing a tolerance for a specific alkaloid profile.

Instead of always using Chocolate Bentuangie, as great as it is, your system will eventually grow weary of it and stop responding to it.

Just switch to Red Borneo, then keep switching: Red Bali, Red Maeng Da, Red Sumatera, Red Dragon, Red Elephant, Red Aceh, Red Enlightened, etc. Try sprinkling a little kratom resin or granular extract into your capsules or in your toss and wash tub. Abstaining from kratom will also help your body do a reset.


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