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How To Evaluate a Kratom Vendor

With so many kratom sellers out there, popping up online and in your town, how do you determine a high quality vendor? Are some more trustworthy than others? What differentiates one kratom provider from another?

Here are some things to look for in a reliable, honest, professional service to the kratom community.

ONE: Do you know the vendor’s real, personal name?

A kratom vendor that is just a logo and a brand for packaging is less personal than a vendor who uses their government name and stands behind their products. Credibility is greatly increased when you know a vendor’s name, address, phone number, email, and other details. Fly-by-night con artists refuse to use their name or other personal identifying information.

TWO: Does the vendor operate a social media platform for customers?

Reputable businesses like to interact with customers online. In a Facebook business page or branded customer group page, we can get to know each other, and the vendor, in a personal way. We can ask questions about the products, expected delivery time, payment options, 3rd party lab test reports, etc. The vendor can reply to our questions and other customers can add their opinions to the conversation.

THREE: Does the vendor subject all products to 3rd party, unaffiliated lab testing for mold, bacteria, and other contaminants?

3rd party lab testing at an independent facility is mandatory to ensure the safety and purity of kratom products. A reputable kratom vendor will gladly show you lab test results of any strain you wish to know about.

Learn more about 3rd party lab testing here:

FOUR: Does the vendor patiently explain things to customers, or does the vendor get angy?

Any vendor who hates questions and shuns criticism is a person who should not be in business. Negative reports and challenging customer remarks are an opportunity for a business person to take the high road, be polite, acknowledge the customer’s experience, try to understand the complete situation, then apologize, or explain, or make things right.

FIVE: Does the vendor use modest, informative, non-sensational packaging?

Some vendors try to exaggerate the effects of kratom by using psychedelic artwork and wild names for their products. A good vendor will not do that. A reputable kratom vendor will use sober, factual advertising, with no gimmicks. The graphic design of the packaging may be artistic, but will not be “trippy” or “druggy” looking. The vendor will not try to appeal to those who are merely seeking a new way to “get high” or abuse a substance for fun.

SIX: Does the vendor operate a website?

A professional looking website is vital to the credibility of a kratom vendor.

An opportunistic vendor, who is just exploiting what is considered a trend, who just wants to make a quick sale to low information customers – that kind of vendor is not going to adhere to the 6 indications of a reputable kratom vendor.

Some guy selling kratom out of his garage is probably not going to have a website, nice product packaging, a sanitary packaging operation, a Facebook group page, or 3rd party lab testing.

By following these points in assessing a kratom vendor, you’ll be more likely to avoid the con artists and unprofessional businesses. Your kratom will be stronger, purer, safer, and cleaner. Then your life will sparkle with delight as you put your trust in a company that works hard to provide good kratom product at a reasonable price.


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