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How To Make Kratom Iced Tea

Many of you probably have experimented with various types of kratom and ways of taking kratom. Have you considered Kratom Iced Tea?

Kratom Iced Tea would be made like ordinary iced tea, but with one added step.

Let’s take a look at how Kratom Iced Tea may be made. We’ll begin by using the Hot Tea Method, then prepare that as an iced tea beverage.

ONE Simmering Water

First, boil a pot of water, then let it simmer down for about 5 or 10 minutes. You want simmering hot water, where you start to see bubbles appear in the bottom of the heated pot. NOT boiling water! Boiling destroys alkaloids, which are the chemical components that provide effects.

TWO Pour Hot Water into Cup

Put your regular serving amount of kratom powder (or crushed leaf kratom) in your coffee cup. Pour the simmering hot water into the cup. If your standard serving size is 2 teaspoons, that’s the quantity of kratom powder to use.

THREE Add Sweetener and Stir

Now add some organic honey, stevia, raw sugar, or other sweetening agent into your cup. Stir vigorously with a steel spoon to mix the kratom, water, and sweetener well.

FOUR Allow to Cool

Let your coffee cup sit for a while for the contents to cool down. Be sure not to jiggle it or bump it. You want the undissolved kratom plant residue to settle to the bottom.

FIVE Strain Out the Sludge

In the bottom of your cup, if you used kratom powder, you’ll find a residue that is like a thick sludge or mud. Crushed leaf kratom doesn’t have this issue.

This powder sludge should be strained out. One way is to slowly pour the liquid into another cup, and as the sludgy residue starts to slide out along with the liquid, stop. Then take some filter or strainer to extract the rest of the liquid, while rejecting the dense undissolved plant material.

SIX Add Ice and Drink

After you have removed the sludge and kept the liquid in a glass, add some ice cubes, perhaps some fresh squeezed lemon juice – and voila! You’ve got a decent Kratom Iced Tea beverage to enjoy on hot summer days.

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