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Kratom and the Elderly

As people age, their bodies change. New aches and pain, stiffness and soreness emerge. Growing older typically includes some deterioration of tissue, a decrease in flexibility, and declining energy. Moods can turn sour as it becomes more difficult to get around and engage in activities that used to be fun and easy.

Grumbling, nihilism, and general negativity can set in as permanent fixtures in a personality’s architecture. Irritability, remorse, and a gloomy attitude can even prevent friends and family from being close.

Wouldn’t it be nice if, as we progress in our life journey, we had comforters, energizers, and mood lifters along the way, natural substances that were relatively safe and highly effective. Perhaps these plants do exist in nature. And one of them, with mighty powers, is kratom (botanical name: mitragyna speciosa).

Arthritis, digestive problems, weak muscles, fragile bones, loss of balance, dimming eyesight, hearing impairment, high blood pressure, diabetes – the list goes on and on. All these and more can happen to us as we go from 30 to 40 to 50 to 60 years old and beyond. Add to the list a loss of the joy and exuberance of youth.

Kratom, based on preliminary research studies and customer reports, may be able to help alleviate some or most of these conditions. Safely. Effectively. And without the negative side effects of so many Big Pharma medicines.

Since the FDA has not yet approved kratom for human consumption as a dietary supplement, we cannot legitimately make any medical claims or therapeutic promises related to kratom. However, we can tell you that our customers have been raving about how effective kratom is for a wide range of physical, emotional, and even social issues.

The elderly are a special case in point. There are so many ways that kratom can be a blessing to seniors! If you’re in your golden years, or are close to someone who is, kratom is likely to be a wonderful benefit factory that produces solutions to multiple problems.

For example, low amounts of kratom, from 2 to 6 grams or so, has been reported by customers to be energizing, motivating, invigorating. Which makes sense because Southeast Asian laborers have been using kratom for generations as a productivity boost, helping them endure the rigors of physical labor in the hot sun.

As we get older, we lose our “get up and go”. Our youthful vigor and zeal seem to have been depleted somehow. Our engine runs less powerfully, less smoothly, less efficiently. We feel a need for improved diet, more exercise and outdoor time, increased intake of fresh air and sunshine.

But kratom may be a fantastic for older folks to revive themselves and feel enthusiastic again. Even a brighter mental attitude can be a result of the beneficial effects of our beloved kratom. Depression, anxiety, self-loathing, agoraphobia, panic attacks, alcoholism – kratom is starting to show clinical proof of its effectiveness in dealing with such symptoms and conditions.

Again, we cannot make any specific medical claims, and the whole topic has many facets to it.

But kratom may be a natural, much safer way to address certain issue of the elderly, who often are on a long list of pharmaceutical pills and potions, which, coming from the profiteers of Big Pharma, typically have an equally long list of bad potential side effects.

Instead of a pile of expensive pills, perhaps the older folks could save money, improve health, and increase their overall well-being by using kratom.

Here are a few quick tips:

Kratom is sold as red vein, green vein, and white vein. Red tends to be more sedating. Green is said to be similar to cannabis. White is reported to be stimulating.

Low doses energize, high doses tranquilize.

Then the region of origin is often included in the kratom products labels. Leaf types such as Elephant and Horn are also used to describe kratom. Chocolate Bentuangie is a red vein from the Bentuangie forests or farms, that has been fermented and dried so that its color is tending toward darker brown.

Rotating strains is recommended. Use the lowest dose amount and frequency possible. Buy only fresh, 3rd party lab tested kratom from reputable vendors. Skip days to avoid developing a tolerance. Drink plenty of water, because kratom is dehydrating.

Try the popular Hot Tea Method: put your dose of kratom powder in a coffee cup, pour simmering (not boiling) water on it, add fresh squeezed lemon juice and organic honey, stir, let it settle and cool. This will be far less bitter and is more gentle on the stomach.

Our golden age time can be greatly enhanced and made more enjoyable when we take advantage of nature’s blessings, like kratom.

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