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Kratom Glossary

Refer to these definitions of kratom-related terms when you need to better understand the words and phrases associated with mitragyna speciosa.

alkaloids = the chemicals in kratom (and other vegetable or herbal substances) that react with acids to form salts and are responsible for the physical and / or psychoactive effects of a plant.

In more scientific terminology, alkaloids are nitrogenous organic compounds of plant origin which have pronounced physiological actions on humans. Well-known alkaloids include morphine, strychnine, quinine, ephedrine, and nicotine.

Scientists are uncertain of the exact purpose of alkaloids in plants; some theorize that alkaloids are waste products of plant metabolism, but others believe there is a practical function, perhaps seed formation, that alkaloids serve for the plants that contain them.

Kratom has 27 different alkaloids. The key alkaloids in kratom are 7-Hydroxmitragynine and Mitragynine. These alkaloids are opioid agonists, meaning they adhere to the body’s opioid receptors, but are not true opioid drugs.

alkaloid profile = specific, distinct chemical composition of a substance that gives it unique characteristics and effects. The profile is determined by analysis of all the alkaloids in the substance.

The combination of alkaloid attributes comes into play with kratom, because to avoid developing a tolerance to a particular alkaloid profile, it’s suggested that one should vary the kratom being used. Using kratom of different vein colors, region of origin, vendor, type, river area vs. deep jungle, plantation vs. wild growth, and other variations will prevent tolerance. Varying the kratom types in this manner is called using a kratom rotation schedule.

American Kratom Association (AKA) = organization dedicated to promoting the legalization of kratom in US states and regions where it’s not legal, keeping it legal, and defending kratom against the onslaught of disinformation spread by Big Pharma, the FDA, and other forces trying to prevent us from using natural substances as supplements or remedies.


Bali kratom = kratom that is grown in Bali. Has the reputation of being especially potent, but a bit slower acting.

Borneo kratom = kratom that is grown in Bali. Has the reputation of being rather powerful.

botanical specimen = a term applied to kratom, instead of dietary supplement, nutritional product, or therapeutic substance. Kratom is sold in the United States as a botanical specimen for research purposes only, with no instructions on use, because it has not yet been approved for human consumption by the FDA.


Cambodian kratom = kratom that is grown in Cambodia.

constipation = difficulty passing waste material from the anus, which can happen with both opioids and kratom. You should drink a lot of water when taking kratom, to help loosen your stools, and making it easier to have a bowel movement.


directions for use = a label that is required on pharmaceutical drugs and other substances that have been FDA approved for human consumption. Since kratom has not yet been FDA approved as a supplement or drug, packages of kratom will generally not have directions for use printed on them. Some people use this lack of directions to incriminate kratom when a death occurs and kratom (usually among other, more dangerous drugs) is found in the deceased person’s autopsy; they’ll exclaim “if only there were adequate directions for use on the kratom package, perhaps he would not have abused it and taken more than is safe!”

dehydration = loss of moisture inside the body, due to the extreme dryness and absorbency of kratom. Those who use kratom should be sure to drink large quantities of water to compensate for this.

dietary ingredient / supplement = the category in which kratom is currently classified under the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act.

drug testing for kratom = Currently, there are no known employers testing employees or job applicants specifically for the kratom molecular profile, nor does kratom use result in a false positive for opioids. This scenario may change as kratom becomes more widely known, and employers trust the negative publicity about kratom coming from the FDA and Big Pharma, and decide that kratom use would be something they don’t want happening with their employees.


elephant kratom = a mature kratom that has been harvested later than other types of kratom, so that it developed jumbo sized leaves. It tends to be more potent than regular non-jumbo leafed kratom.

energizing = providing physical stamina, strength, and endurance, or mental operation enhancement (improvement of cognitive processes). One of the reported beneficial effects of all 3 vein color (red, white, green) types of kratom, but boosting productivity is most associated with white vein kratom, due to its alkaloid profile and unique chemical makeup. Some users of white vein kratom, for example, will declare that it has replaced their cup of coffee in the morning. It’s important to point out that kratom energy boosting is not due to caffeine (kratom has no caffeine), but is attributable to other chemicals present in the plant. Kratom has been used traditionally, in regions where it grows naturally, for many years, with the specific goal of helping workers perform better mentally and in terms of physical exertion.

enhanced / ultra-enhanced (UE) kratom = kratom powder that has been fortified. typically with kratom extract to make its effects more powerful. Many people keep some enhanced kratom on hand in case of an emergency, like a sudden toothache or other unexpected problem of severe pain. When using enhanced kratom, it’s good to try just a tiny pinch of it, so as not to overdo the effects, which will be more intense than regular kratom.


FDA approval = a process that often requires a massive amount of funding and research time, which Big Pharma drug companies can afford as they develop and market new medicines, but puts a significant burden on small vendors, supplement firms, and trade associations related to natural, herbal substances. 
Science Direct on FDA approval process states: “New drug and device approval in the United States take an average of 12 and 7 years, respectively, from pre-clinical testing to approval. Costs for development of medical devices run into millions of dollars, and a recent study suggests that the entire cost for a new drug is in excess of $1 billion. For investigators seeking approval for new drugs and devices, FDA processes can be formidable.” 


green vein kratom = a type of kratom, based on color of veins running up the leaf structure, that is considered to exhibit effects that “in between” red vein (sedating, pain relief) and white vein (energizing, motivating) kratom.

head shop = store that sells hippie clothing, exotic soaps and shampoos, bracelets, posters, necklaces,  incense, CBD oil, fragrant perfume oils. Sometimes kratom can be found for sale in a head shop.

hulu kapuas kratom = kratom grown in the Hulu Kapuas region of Indonesia.

incense = a word used for kratom, often as a covert code term or synonym, used in an effort to avoid FDA interference, since kratom has not been officially approved for human consumption.

Indo = kratom that is grown in Indonesia.

ingest = to take a drug or substance by swallowing it, eating it, drinking it, or absorbing it into the body.


Jongkong kratom = kratom grown in the city of  Jongkong in the Central Java region of Indonesia.


kratom = common word used for mitragyna speciosa, a member of the coffee family (but has no caffeine in it), that is often used by people seeking pain relief, greater energy and endurance, brain function enhancement, and mood boosting.

legality of kratom: list of American states 

legality of kratom: USA = the criminality of possessing, growing, selling, and consuming kratom is a tricky issue, due to how the law varies in different nations, states, regions, cities, and counties. Plus, the laws are in flux, changing at a high rate of speed in some areas, going from illegal to legal, or vice versa.

One must do diligent research to find out if kratom is legal in any given locality, and keep checking for any changes in the legal standing of this substance.

Kratom Legality…As of January 5, 2019:

Endo Nurse on Kratom Legality states:


As of 2018, there are some regulations on Kratom in the US. Below is a clear clarification of the legality of Kratom in the USA.In general, the use and possession of Kratom are legal in the US. However, it is important to note that the federal law is generalized, while each state has its legal system. This means that even though the national government places no regulations or bans on the use and possession of Kratom, the same does not apply to all the states.Kratom may be legal, illegal or in the process of being regulated or banned in different states. Below are some of the states with clear laws surrounding Kratom:

  • In California, Kratom is legalized except in San Diego, where there is a local ordinance.
  • In Florida, it is legal to use Kratom, except in Sarasota County
  • In Illinois, it is legal with Jerseyville as the exception, as well sale to those under 18 years.
  • It is legal in New Hampshire for those above 18 years old.
  • In Alabama, as of May 10, 2016, Kratom was listed as a schedule 1 controlled substance.
  • In other states such as Arkansas, it is listed as a controlled substance that is essentially banned.
  • In Indiana, it is listed as a synthetic drug that is banned, while in Wisconsin, only the primary alkaloids present in Kratom are listed as a Schedule 1 drug and therefore, is banned.
  • Kratom is legal in Tennessee as long as it’s labeled and in its natural botanical form. This means that pure kratom powder is legal whereas any synthetic versions of it are not. In addition to that, you must be over 21 to buy kratom in Tennessee.

These are some of the states where the use and possession of Kratom are clearly defined by the law. However, the various enforcement agencies in the country also have a lot of concern with the legal status of Kratom in the country.END QUOTE

legality of kratom: International Kratom StatusEndo Nurse states:QUOTEAlthough most countries have still not clearly defined the laws on Kratom, below is a comprehensive guide on the legality of Kratom in different parts of the world:

  • In a few countries, including the United Kingdom, Malaysia, and Thailand, Kratom is scheduled as a prohibited substance. It was completely banned in Thailand in 1979 and Malaysia in 2003. This means that it is essentially illegal to possess, market, purchase/sell or use the product in these countries.
  • In some other locations in the world, including Australia, New Zealand, and several European countries, Kratom remains a controlled substance. This means that there are specific limitations associated with the importing, marketing, buying, and selling, as well as the use of the product; but it’s not illegal.
  • In Germany, Kratom was openly sold and imported by vendors without any regulations. However, as from 2011, the government listed it as an unapproved pharmaceutical drug, making it illegal to buy, sell, possess or import Kratom products. Any offenders risk jail time, as well as other fines and penalties as stipulated in the law.
  • In many countries, including Burma, Denmark, Myanmar, Russia, and the United Arab Emirates, Kratom products are essentially illegal, without any compromise.
  • In other countries, including Israel, Romania, and Poland, Kratom is registered as a controlled substance, while others, such as Norway, it is a prescription drug only.
  • It is only a few countries in the world, including Canada, where Kratom is completely legalized. The laws surrounding it are very clear with no bans on marketing, importation, possessing and purchase of Kratom products.

SOURCE: Endo Nurse kratom legal in USA 2019?


Malay = type of kratom grown in Malaysia. Super Green Malay is a subdivision of Malay kratom and is very popular and considered to be a potent, premium form.

mitragyna speciosa = technical, botanical name for kratom.



opioid / opiate = Big Pharma drugs (or illegal street dope) that is manufactured for human or animal consumption, based on chemicals derived or synthesized artificially from the opium poppy plant.

One of the major ways in which kratom differs from opioids is that it doesn’t cause respiratory depression, which is one of the primary causes of death in opioid addicts.

Kratom also differs from opioids in the fact that users report finding a sufficient dose amount and frequency, and never feel a need to increase them, whereas opioid users increase their dose amount and frequency more and more as they continue using the drug.

Another way that kratom is different is that it doesn’t cause serious impairment of motor skills or consciousness, unlike opioids which can cause users to be less coordinated in movement and causes them to be blurry mentally, what is called a dreamy haze, a severe decrease in awareness, alertness, and cognitive functioning.


phenibut = a drug that is used to alleviate anxiety, to boost mood, and for treating insomnia, stress, PTSD, depression, and related disorders and conditions. Some also use it to sharpen their thinking abilities. It’s a product that’s similar to a brain chemical called gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA). It is used as both recreationally and medicinally. 

Unlike kratom, phenibut can be addictive in a short period of use, with potentially severe withdrawal symptoms reported when usage is ceased. Vendors of phenibut caution users to not take phenibut daily, but only once or twice a week, and to never experiment with increasing dosage amounts to “get high” or have a more intense sensation. 

Unscrupulous, deceptive kratom vendors will sometimes add phenibut to their kratom, to make it stronger and longer lasting in effects, without customers realizing something has been added to the kratom.

plantation kratom = kratom that is not harvested from wild growth, but is cultivated on a plantation or farm, usually specializing in kratom and unique strains of kratom.

prohibited good = a phrase that has been used as a category of partially censored and banned products, in which kratom was placed by Reddit.

QUOTE from the Reddit page: March 2018, Reddit proper made changes to its content policy. They have deemed kratom a “prohibited good” and banned facilitation of kratom transactions. This includes sales, swaps, and giving away kratom. It does not include non-kratom items such as capsules, scales, oblate discs, etc. – if you can buy it from Amazon or a big box store, it’s most likely okay to post a link.They have been right serious about enforcing this. Consequently, we are as well. A bunch of kratom-related subs have been banned, including our former companion, as well as many vendor accounts, and even some personal accounts. No Sourcing/Transactions. No naming or discussing vendors or brands. No asking for or offering vendor recommendations. No vendor participation. No asking or directing people where or how to purchase kratom. No discussion of pm’ing vendor or sourcing information – pm’s are your own private business, but please do not discuss your pm’s on the sub. Violations may result in a ban from the sub.END QUOTE
purple 8-in-One kratom = a marketing term for a blend of  8 differenttypes and vein colors of kratom.


quality of life = a positive attribute of kratom usage is the report that users, especially those who were addicted to opioids, alcohol, or benzodiazapines, experience a higher level of living, often called an improved quality of life. They claim that they feel normal again and can function like a regular person, a caring parent, and a responsible employee.


red vein kratom = kratom with a red colored vein running through the green leaf. Red vein kratom is reported to be linked with moderate to severe pain relief, sedation, mood boost, and sharpened cognitive skills.

resin (of kratom) = a special extract of kratom that is far more potent than regular kratom. Often it is labeled 10x, 20x, 30x, 40x, or 50x, which doesn’t mean 10 times more powerful, but refers to alkaloid content.

Kratom resin can have a far more pleasant taste than powdered kratom. Some describe the taste as somewhere between chocolate and a cigar.

Experts advice people to be sure to use kratom resin (and enhanced forms of kratom) sparingly, in tiny amounts, due to its more intense effects.

Some people report that they like to chew a little chunk of it or dissolve a small piece of kratom resin in hot coffee or herbal tea.

Regular use of  fortified forms of kratom, like kratom resin or enhanced kratom, will only cause a person to build up a tolerance quickly, so that regular kratom no longer has any felt effects. This makes the use of kratom a lot more expensive, since fortified forms of kratom cost more than regular kratom.

The general rule for kratom use is to take the lowest dose possible that delivers the desired effects, and not to abuse it in search of some kind of “high”.

rotation schedule = a phrase referring to changing the kratom type, region of origin, vendor, vein color, and strain periodically, to avoid developing a tolerance to a specific alkaloid profile.


Sumatra kratom = kratom grown in Sumatra.


Thai kratom = kratom grown in Thailand. Tends to be very fast acting and potent.

taste masking = phrase used to describe methods for overcoming the bitter flavor of kratom powder, which typically means mixing the kratom with another substance. Commonly used additives to subdue the bitter taste of kratom include applesauce, fruit juices, coffee, and chocolate milk.

Alternatively, some people use a fruit juice like grapefruit juice in the Toss & Wash method, putting a teaspoon of kratom powder in their mouth, then washing it down with a few gulps of the juice, rather than mixing the kratom with anything.

third party lab testing = a safety and purity measure taken by reputable kratom vendors.

Kratom that is imported from overseas must be tested when it arrives in the United States, for example, to ensure that nothing artificial, toxic, or dubious has been added to the powder. It is also analyzed for e-coli, salmonella, and mold.

Ideally, not just a sample of a lot of kratom is tested, but each batch within a lot.

“3rd party” means the laboratory is not owned, operated, influenced, or affiliated with the kratom vendor in any way. This is a safeguard ensuring there is no bias in favor of letting the vendor have a pass on contaminated, fake, infected, or inferior quality kratom.

The lab testing results in a report given to vendors that can include which toxins were tested for and the exact percentages of the various alkaloids that are in a batch or lot of kratom.

Ask your vendor what kind of testing is done on their kratom, how often the testing is done, and even request to see a copy of the 3rd party lab report. Often the labs will allow vendors to make this information publicly available.


ultra-enhanced kratom = (see enhanced / ultra-enhanced UE kratom).


vendor = any store or online ecommerce website that sells products. Vendors of kratom tend to receive praise or negative remarks on groups like Reddit, so it can be helpful to check out customer feedback when considering a new kratom vendor.

Some online vendors publish honest, unedited reports from customers on a Testimonials or Feedback page of their website, but other vendors may edit and display only the favorable comments. One must learn how to assess the credibility of user remarks and feedback forums.

Also, it’s very important to find out if the vendor is 3rd party lab testing the kratom they’re selling. If it’s not 3rd party lab tested, you’re wise to find another, more reputable vendor who truly cares about the safety and health of customers.

Signs of a questionable kratom vendor are unusually high pricing, wild claims, overly hyped ads, and psychedelic graphics on the kratom packaging, along with sensationalistic, exaggerated names for their kratom product.

Names of kratom products like these fictional names (not referring to any actual product being sold at this time, but similar sounding to the dubious products on the market):

Super Euphoric Thrill

Magic Potion Max

8 Miles High and Climbing

Heavy Fantasy Pixie Dust

Unicorn Sky Fire

Krypton Blaster

Mellow Gold Rush

Dragonfly Boomstar

Twilight Zone Zap

Purple Flame

Outer Space Splatter

Ethereal Lather

Forest Dream Frost

Sleepy Cloud Rider

Pain Slayer Ultimate

Xtreme Dreamcake

…or similar exotic, flashy names are generally a warning sign that something is WRONG.

These names are obviously trying to position kratom as a “barely legal”, recreational, “get loaded”, fun drug that can be abused — these are NOT to be trusted.

Legitimate kratom products will tend to have simple, professional packaging design and basic names like White Maeng Da, Green Borneo, Yellow Vietnam, or Red Dragon. You may also find kratom blends with whimsical (but not outrageous) names like Pink Bunny, Purple 8 in One, or White Wonderland.

You can often judge an online kratom vendor’s website by how their products are being displayed, described, and promoted. Also look at other botanical or chemical products they’re selling, then do some Google research to find out if these other substances are legitimate supplements, trendy designer dope, or potentially risky drugs.

vein = part of kratom that transmits nutrients and water from the soil to the rest of the leaf.

Vietnam kratom = a type of kratom that is grown in Vietnam. Tends to be potent, often harvested near the Mekong Delta, with an abundance of mineral rich soil. Vietnam kratom has a unique alkaloid profile due to the special growing conditions and minerals


“wobbles” = a generally mild side effect of some types of kratom, which involves the eyes “wobbling” or being a bit unsteady, the eye muscles start twitching, the technical name for this is nystagmus. This minor impairment usually lasts a brief time and is said to occur in only a small percentage of kratom, that which is grown in Indonesia, Bali, and Borneo.



yellow kratom = not a true kratom vein color, but a kratom with a yellowish color derived from special fermentation and drying processes.


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