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Kratom Potentiators: How to Boost and Speed Up Effects

Sometimes you need to get your kratom
to start working faster and more powerfully. One way to do this is to
use potentiators.

Merriam-Webster defines “potentiate”
as: “to
make effective or active or more effective or more active; to
augment the activity of (something, such as a drug) synergistically.”

potentiators cause kratom to be activated more quickly and more
strongly in your system. They may also cause kratom’s effects to
persist in your body for a longer period of time. You’ll also save
money because by using potentiators, you won’t need to use so much
kratom, you won’t need to increase the amount or frequency of doses.
This will prevent you from developing a tolerance.

are some kratom potentiators?

Exercise, walking, moving around. By getting your body in motion,
rather than sitting or lying around, kratom starts circulating faster
and the effects are experienced sooner.

Grapefruit juice. Many experts agree that the best substance to
potentiate kratom in your body is grapefruit juice. The citric acid
breaks down the kratom alkaloids, in a digestive enhancement manner.

Chamomile tea. This is especially good for red vein kratom, which is
used for relaxation, something that chamomile herb is ideal for. But
you may not want to use chamomile tea when taking green or white vein
kratom, since it might counteract their energizing effects.

Turmeric. One of the most powerful of the natural herbs, turmeric can
enhance kratom in your system. It’s found as a spice on its own and
is also found in curry.

Cayenne pepper. Hot chili peppers speed up your metabolism, so they
are great potentiators of kratom, getting your system to kick into
gear faster and process the kratom alkaloids more efficiently.

Cat’s Claw. This herb contains alkaloids that are similar to kratom,
so taking it with kratom will boost the effects you’re seeking and
may cause these effects to last longer.

Akuamma seed. When crushed, these seeds can spike the effects of
kratom, but may not increase how long they last.

Magnesium. This substance can potentiate kratom, but it’s generally
considered best to simply increase your intake of
magnesium-containing foods. Magnesium supplements can be risky for
some individuals and can cause rather serious health problems.

Empty stomach. You may want to eat a little bit before taking your
kratom dose, but a full stomach is going to cause kratom to compete
with all the other contents that you’ve eaten, which will slow down
its absorption.

Coffee. If you seek energizing effects from kratom, drinking some
coffee along with your kratom dose will help you achieve the
productivity and enhanced activity you need. Coffee also contains
some magnesium.

Orange juice. The citric acid works like it does in grapefruit juice.

Lemonade. Again, the acidic nature of lemons will cause kratom to be
assimilated into your system faster and with enhanced effects.

of Natural Substances as Kratom Potentiators:

benefit = When you add natural potentiators to your dose of kratom,
there’s no need to worry about possible negative side effects. You
can’t overdose on these substances or abuse them. Plus…

  • They’re

  • You
    can find them easily in any grocery store or health food provider.
  • No
    doctor’s prescription is necessary.
  • No
    need to worry about “mixing drugs” in a dangerous combination,
    since these potentiators are foods or drinks that are not generally
    considered to be medical preparations or drugs.

your own experiments with these natural potentiators of kratom. What
works great for one person may not be quite as effective for another
individual. One potentiator might be preferred over another. Whatever
you try, you can be confident that you’ll arrive at a potentiator you
really love and you’ll be able to use it every time you take kratom.


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