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What is Kratom Resin (“Candy”)?

Kratom resin (sometimes called “candy”) is a concentrated form of extract.

Extracts are derivatives that contain a much higher alkaloid content than regular kratom powder. This means you can get desired effects from a lower dose than what you’d use with powder. So the first thing you need to understand is: be very careful with any type of kratom extract.

Extracts can be found as liquid shots, granularized particles (a more coarse form than finely sifted powder), and as solidified resin.

Resin is generally in the form of a smooth lump or glassy chunk. Sometimes it looks a bit like a chocolate brownie or fudge.

Extracts are achieved by an alcohol extraction process with citric acid added, or by boiling kratom leaves in water, then letting the moisture evaporate, straining and filtering the concoction. The resulting solution, after being poured into special trays, clumped up as rocks, or allowed to spread out in sheets, then hardens into a firm residue. These bricks, rocks, or sheets are shattered to enable different amounts of resin to be sold to customers.

When you open a package of resin, just break off little pieces of it, or crush it into a finer consistency. You can spinkle the tiny bits in with your regular powder, put it in capsules, or dissolve it in hot coffee or tea (be sure to stir it). In hot beverages, you may want to add some lemon juice, cinnamon, organic honey, or raw sugar to sweeten and flavor it.

For most folks, 2 to 4 grams of resin should be plenty, depending on how many grams of powder you use in a dose.

How does resin taste? Well, most people like the tart, almost carmelized or chocolatey flavor. Resin is not bitter, but it is strong to the tastebuds. Some think it tastes more like vinegar, or a cigar – but resin generally is more pleasant to take than powder, which tends to be rather bitter.

Like with regular kratom powder, effects are based on vein color. Resin made from green vein kratom will tend to be mood boosting. Resin derived from white vein kratom will be more energizing. Resin based on red vein kratom will be valued for pain relief. When the vein color is not specified for a resin product, chances are it was made from red vein kratom, often from the Bali region.

As already mentioned, kratom resin must be used sparingly, and with caution, because it’s super concentrated. Since resin is more potent than regular granular consistency extracts, and a lot stronger than regular kratom powder, resin is suggested for people who have some experience with kratom, and not be those who are new to this plant.

People often tend to enjoy the taste of kratom resin, and so they are prone to chewing or swallowing it without thinking about how strong it is. Be sure to break off a small section and limit yourself to using that much and no more.

If you ignore these precautions, and recklessly use too much resin, or take it too often, you’ll regret it. You’ll develop a tolerance to the kratom in general, and the regular powder won’t do much at all for you, you’ll need to keep using resin, which is more expensive than powder. So stick to small bits of resin and don’t take doses more frequently than your normal schedule.

By following these suggestions, you’ll have a great way to boost the effects of your powder, or you can substitute small amounts of resin in place of powder, on occasions when you need an extra measure of effects.

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