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Which Form of Kratom is Best For You?

Should you use kratom powder, extract granules, resin “candy”, liquid shots, enhanced kratom, crushed leaf, instant kratom beverage, kratom loaded into capsules, toss and wash, brewed tea? How do you even sort through all the different forms of kratom and what advantages does each form offer?

It’s a wonderful time to be involved with kratom because there are currently several different types of kratom that can be used. This means you can select the exact form of kratom that matches your personality, lifestyle, and individual needs.

Let’s now examine the many types of kratom, what they are, and why people use them.


Most people probably start with this form: kratom powder pre-packed into gelatin capsules. 2 capsules generally equates to 1 gram, depending upon the capsule size. This is popular, but it’s an expensive way to take kratom servings.

Capsules are fantastic for when you don’t want to mess around with toss and wash or brewing a cup of kratom tea. However, the effects kick in slower, less strongly, and less long-lastingly. So it’s a trade-off.


Folks whose tongues or stomachs are easily disturbed by bitter plant substances. Those who are in a hurry. People who can swallow pills with no gagging. Individuals who like a convenient method of consuming kratom, but are not super concerned with how strong, fast, and enduring the effects are. They don’t mind a little less power, since the convenience is so nice.


Now with kratom powder in your cupboard, you have a few interesting options for using it. You can mix it with applesauce, pudding, chocolate milk, or other sweet substance. But for some folks, it just turns into an icky-tasting mess, while others love this approach.

Powder can be used effectively by the toss and wash system. You put your serving of kratom powder in your mouth, then wash it down with liquid like orange juice, grapefruit juice, coffee, or organic herbal tea sweetened with honey. Often it helps to also much on some olives, berries, grapes, prunes, melon, or pickles to dislodge any kratom residue on teeth and gums.

Brewed tea method is the best and it’s how Southeast Asians use kratom, along with chewing freshly picked leaves, which is an amazing experience. You can put your serving of kratom powder in a coffee cup, add organic honey, pour simmering (NOT boiling) water on it, stir, allow to settle, and cool Drink the liquid, discard the sludge if you wish.

Capsule packing means buying kratom powder, and empty gel caps, then loading the powder into the capsules yourself, manually or with a machine. This is a more economical way to go the capsule route.


This form of kratom lies in between chewing freshly picked leaves and using dried powder. Crushed leaf can be brewed as tea, like any other herb. You can filter out the leaf material via a tea ball or a strainer. Remember that boiling water destroys alkaloids, so only pour simmering water on your serving of crushed leaf kratom.

Kratom is NOT recommended as a smokable herb. Do NOT try to smoke this crushed leaf. That’s a harsh and reckless way to mismanage your stash. Trying to burn and smoke kratom is a bad idea. It will waste your kratom, because most of it will go up in smoke, and smoking also wastes kratom because it’s not an effective way to get kratom’s effects into your system. You’d have to smoke a lot more than you would ever want to and the effects would not be what you’ve come to expect.


This is one of those areas where people love it or leave it. Liquid shots of kratom extract can be very powerful and fast-acting, for some. But for others, it’s like drinking water. No effects whatsoever. Each person’s system is unique and what works for one person may do little for someone else.

But liquid extract shots are a fantastic way to use kratom when you’re traveling, busy, going from place to place, or just don’t feel like messing around with any preparation. Sip it all, or some of it, and you’re good to go.


This is a rather potent form of kratom that tastes a lot better than regular kratom powder. It dissolves in hot coffee or herbal tea pretty well. Or you can occasionally perk up your normal serving of kratom by sprinkling a bit of granular extract into your powder to boost it. Be mature and careful. If you overdo it, you’ll rapidly develop a tolerance, and then regular kratom won’t do much for you, you’ll be adjusted to the stronger extract, and eventually, you can overload your system. Less is more with kratom.


This simply tends to be regular kratom powder that has had some potent extract or resin added to it. With disreputable vendors, they might try to add something potentially dangerous to it, like fentanyl, methamphetamine, Xanax, or phenibut. Stick with trustworthy vendors and you’ll avoid dealing with sneaky tactics and possible health problems.


Here’s a concentrated form of kratom extract that has been pressed into sticky clumps. This also dissolves nicely in hot coffee or organic herbal tea, but stir it well. Again, be very wise and careful about such a powerful form of kratom. Use in tiny amounts on days when your symptoms flare up or when you need to endure additional unease or stress or plan to engage in a lot of hard work.


This is a relatively new form of kratom and you’re lucky if you can find it. It’s really a remarkable game-changer. Finally, a kratom that is simple to prepare, easy to use, and fast-acting. The version sold by Leaf of Life Botanicals comes as a 2 serving amount loaded into a straw. You just pour the contents of a sachet into a Bottle of water, shake, and you’ve got a nice tasting form of kratom to drink. This is beneficial as Kratom is a diuretic and therefore you get hydration with the consumption in one sweep. It’s quick, easy to portion, not messy, and is convenient for traveling or on the go. Or for busy folks who don’t want to fuss with things too much.


Now you can try these various types of kratom products and discover which works best for you.

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