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Who Is Kratom For?

Not everyone should hop aboard the kratom bandwagon. Only certain types of people, with specific conditions, will benefit from this natural dietary supplement.

It’s not a recreational drug or something to abuse to “get high” or have fun at a party. If you try to use it to “get wasted” or experience some exotic chemical thrill, you’ll be greatly disappointed in kratom. It’s a serious nutritional substance that solves a number of problems that people have and should be respected as such.

Kratom (mitragyna speciosa) is an amazing plant in the coffee family that delivers impressive results for people who suffer from various problems. Let’s take a look at some of the major issues that make kratom a great natural helper.

Chronic aches and pain

(1) Pain. If you experience persistent aches and pains that are moderate to severe in strength, you’re sure to find the relief you need by taking kratom, especially moderate to high doses of the red vein type. Kratom has special pain-killing, analgesic properties that mimic opium, but with none of the severe side effects associated with pharmaceutical narcotic medicines. Your levels of dopamine and serotonin are increased by kratom as well.

Depression issues

(2) Depression. People who experience persistent melancholy, sadness, and grief, and can’t seem to just “snap out of it” are suffering from depression. Kratom is for these individuals, due to its ability to elevate mood in a natural way. People using kratom tend to feel more happy, for longer periods of time, than they did prior to discovering this wonder-working plant substance.

(3) Anxiety. Those who feel uncertain all the time, worried, uneasy, unsteady, trepidation bordering on outright fear, and while able to function, are not able to face life in a normal positive manner. Anxiety may not stop individuals from accomplishing their goals, but it causes them to feel stress, a vague misgiving, a gloomy sense of foreboding and nervousness in a constant manner that is very troubling. Benzos can sometimes work for a while, but they can have bad side effects and high risk of addiction. But kratom can give these individuals a whole new mindset and an inner glow, where their self-confidence increases and their expectations are full of delight and joy.


(4) Fatigue. The indigenous inhabitants of Southeast Asia have traditionally used kratom to boost their productivity, for both mental and physical labor. It sucks to have a strong desire to do something, but not be able to summon up the energy to do it. It’s like being in some kind of invisible prison. Kratom can significantly increase endurance, stamina, and motivation. People who suffer from lethargy, sloth, and tiredness can benefit greatly from the stimulating effects of low doses of kratom, especially the white vein, and to a bit less degree, green vein kratom. Red vein tends to be somewhat sedating, especially in moderate to high doses, but the whites and greens can make a big difference in your ability to accomplish things in your life.

Improve your mental focus

(5) Lack of mental focus. If you have trouble with memory or other cognitive functions, kratom can fix that problem nicely. Many people lack mental sharpness and find they are easily distracted. It can even get so bad, it’s terrifying when your brain just seems really sluggish and you can’t think clearly or hold your attention on a subject. Your friends might call you “spacey” or forgetful. Sometimes this “brain fog” can be caused by lack of sleep, poor nutrition, extra stress, old age, or a compromised immune system. Kratom to the rescue! Kratom can boost your immune system, strengthen your heart, and put a special spark in your brain. You may even feel a bit smarter when you take a dose of kratom and then start working on a mathematical problem or something else that requires rigorous, focused thinking. Musicians and artists claim that kratom helps their imagination and powers of creativity almost as much as cannabis, but with greater mental intensity and conscious clarity.

Opiate addiction

(6) Opioid addicts. People who are hooked on heroin, Oxycontin, Percocet, Narco, Vicodin, Fentanyl, and other narcotics have turned to kratom to set them free. Kratom tends to be far safer and more effective than Big Pharma opioids. When a person uses kratom to get off opioids, they experience a freedom they may have thought was permanently beyond their reach, with greatly reduced withdrawal symptoms. What’s amazing about kratom is that it enables ex-opioid addicts to live a normal, productive life, while still medicating their pain. When you take kratom, you can typically use a specific dose amount and dosing frequency for many years, with no increase. This is never true for narcotics, which need to be increased in amount and how often you use it, until you get to the point of needing to excuse yourself to go sneak another fix every few hours. Kratom can go a long way to solving the opioid crisis if our government leaders and medical authorities would give it a chance to prove itself.

(7) Low sexual energy. Kratom has been used successfully to boost the sexual powers. It may be the result of kratom’s effectiveness in decreasing stress, improving endurance, and elevating mood. Kratom has strong aphrodisiac and fertility boosting properties that revitalize a weary libido (sex drive) and increase chances of conception for those who desire to have children.

If you have any of these issues, give kratom a try. You may, like many thousands of others, find it to be an ideal solution!

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