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Why Kratom Users Live Normal, Productive Lives

Kratom use is not at all like opioid or benzo use. Kratom users tend to get their life balanced by the benevolent plant substance, their physical and emotional issues are taken care of, and they fit right in with regular people.

This is rarely true for addicts using heroin, Adderall, Ritalin, cocaine, Xanax, and other psychoactive medications or street dope.

When individuals use some medicines, they may be tempted to abuse them. Even if they resist the urge to party recklessly, even when a person is strictly following doctor’s orders, and sticking to the prescribed routine – innocent conducted dosings can unfortunately lead to many personal and social problems.

The stereotype of the craven dope fiend, slinking around in midnight alleys in the worst parts of town, hanging around other downtrodden addicts, disappearing to get another fix, stealing and prostituting themselves to afford an ever more expensive habit – these characterizations can be indeed true with illicit “get high” party drugs, and even with legal prescribed medicines, but not with kratom.

Kratom users tend to stand out from users of other substances. A clean, safe, successful is the norm with kratom users, but is rare for those who have been using hard drugs for a period of time.

Let’s look at the ways opioids and benzo usage can lead to issues that rarely occur with kratom.


Halting the Prescriptions Can Lead to Street Drugs

Prescribed drugs may eventually stop being prescribed to a patient. The patient may plead, but that makes things worse. “Drug seeking behavior” is written into their “chart”. It will be hard for them to ever again obtain certain types of medicines. Yet, the individuals may still have specific ailments or feelings that require some sort of medication, treatment, or therapy.

So some of these individuals will turn to illegal, dubious production street dope.

Kratom users? Not likely. This turning to dangerous recreational drugs, so common with mainstream substances, is probably not going to happen with kratom use.

As long as kratom is legal in your area, and available for purchase locally or online, you need not ever be shut off from it. You probably don’t need a doctor’s prescription for it. You can just buy it, as much as you need, whenever you want.

You’ll learn how to respect kratom’s powers and mysteries. You’ll value kratom highly and will not want to spoil everything by trying to abuse it, or by experimenting with, or seeking relief from legitimate conditions with, street dope.

There will not be any need to seek some potentially dangerous black market alternative.


Opioid Use Tends to Escalate in Dose Amount and Frequency

Use of narcotics and anti-depressants can sometimes cause people to develop a steadily increasing tolerance, which means more and more of the medicine has to be taken. This constantly escalating habit results in increasing costs to the user, decreasing their health, and interrupting their daily routines by the need to go take the drug.

Kratom is totally a static dosage substance. It takes most people a very short time to determine what suits them best. You soon arrive at the ideal dose amount, timing, and frequency – and they never change.

Customers report that they have maintained a stable kratom dosing schedule for years, only occasionally feeling a special need to boost a day’s dose with a bit more powder, or adding a little extract or resin concentrate to their regular powder dose. An acute and unexpected issue can arise, making you feel you need a small enhancement, but after the emergency passes, you go right back to your normal dosing routine and amounts.


Guilt from Street Drugs Use vs. Fear of Overprescribing

People who use black market substances like heroin, cocaine, and methamphetamines, will feel shame when confronted by loved ones or co-workers. A cloud of self-deprecation and unhappiness with self will hover above them for years. The destruction of soul that can occur may be devastating and difficult to repair.

Those who use legal prescribed medications may worry about an unscrupulous doctor giving him more pills than he really ought to take. Over-prescribing of pain medicines and mood boosters have caused the opioid epidemic that was so much in the news prior to Covid-19 dominating the media. Even if the doctor is innocent, there may still remain a lurking concern that since so many patients become accidentally addicted to painkillers, they may become one more statistic.

Kratom users have no such issues. While there may be some uneducated individuals who shun anyone who takes anything at all, since kratom is still mysterious and unknown to most people, you likely won’t encounter the same intensity of extreme hostility and intolerance that are projected at crystal meth, ecstasy, magic mushrooms, LSD, cocaine, crack, crockadil, and Fentanyl.

Those who ignorantly persecute kratom are either ignored or educated by the kratom user. You need not feel any negative emotions connected with using a legitimate, traditional, herbal substance that is a member of the coffee family.

Kratom users don’t have to worry about disreputable pill pushing physicians, because they can obtain kratom without going through a doctor. Each kratom user exercises mature self-control and shows respect to kratom. A typical kratom user is not seeking a party drug, but is looking for a natural alternative to dangerous Big Pharma products or dubious street dope.


Street Drugs Often Are Taken With Syringes or Pipes

Heroin, crystal meth, Fentanyl, and a host of other potentially harmful, easily abused, commonly addictive drugs are frequently associated with paraphrenalia that looks creepy or criminal to average people.

Sloppily poking a syringe into one’s arm, or frantically puffing on a pipe with a blowtorch lighting the load – these optics are repulsive to many individuals.

A hypodermic needle or pot pipe are typically judged as “dirty”, “immoral”, “anti-social”, or “shameful”.

Kratom users take their powder in capsules with water. Or they put a couple of teaspoons of the powder in their mouth, then wash it down with liquids. Nothing “drug fiendy” about kratom use. Nothing that could be considered as “filthy” or “depraved” or “desperate”.

So a kratom user doesn’t have to worry about someone in the home or at work discovering drug consumption implements on their person, in their purse, or in their car.

Legal use of kratom is more similar to the consumption of herbal supplements or super foods, than to the haunted, underground, self-esteem lowering scene of illegal street drugs…or the tragic situation of a person unintentionally hooked on prescription medicines.

Enjoy your wise and careful use of kratom, without all the baggage that can be attached to the use and abuse of other substances. Chances are good that, by using kratom, you’ll be able to function like a normal mom or dad, a valuable employee, a terrific friend, and an important member of society.


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