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Your Personalized Kratom Experience is Not the Norm

When you start taking kratom as a dietary supplement, or for specific issues, you enter a wonderful world of preferences and choices.

Your experience with kratom is not going to be exactly the same as anyone else’s. Your journey in the realm of natural substances led you to kratom. But the kratom path has many twists and turns and we each have our own likes and dislikes.

Let’s be sure we don’t try to force others into our own pattern. You may prefer red vein kratom from Borneo, take it via toss and wash, use 12 grams per serving once a day, and rarely rotate strains. But this is not some norm or standard that others should imitate.

When you’re discussing things in real world situations or in online forums, try to remember to be tolerant, open minded, and kind at all times. Even using the phrase “May I gently suggest you consider….” can soften your style and win hearts.

So we don’t want to be freaked out by anything. Your serving size may be puny compared to someone else’s. Or someone may take their kratom several times a day, while you use kratom just once a day. We don’t want to be critical, unless it’s something dangerous, or some crazy way to use kratom (like trying to smoke it or snort it).

You can learn from the experiences of others, but don’t try to conform to their styles. Each of us has to pay attention to our bodies and let our inner nature tell us how to best use kratom, how much, how often, and so forth.

Your experience with kratom is not necessarily the average, the norm, or the optimal. Never insist that others conform to your opinions or practices. You may eventually refine what you’re doing and evolve in your relationship with kratom. What you consider the best kratom strategy today may be very different from your definition 2 years from now.

Here are just some of the ways kratom users can differ from each other:


How they take kratom (capsules, toss and wash, mix with applesauce, hot tea method, liquid shots, resin extract, etc.).

What vein color of kratom is primarily or exclusively used (red, green, white).

What strain of kratom is used (Aceh Zen, Red Dragon, White Elephant, Green Malay, White Thai, etc.).

How much kratom is used per serving (in grams or teaspoons).

How often kratom is taken.

How much water is taken, to prevent dehydration and constipation.

How often strains are switched, to prevent developing a tolerance to a specific strain’s alkaloid profile.

How often different strains and vein colors are blended, or if they are always used separately.

How much physical activity is carefully engaged in.

How the body reacts to ceasing kratom use (so-called “withdrawal symptoms”, which tend to be non-existent or very mild for the vast majority of kratom users, according to their reports – but there can be exceptions to this rule).

What other substances are used along with kratom (cannabis, kava, coffee, herbal tea, lysine, etc. – but be careful about combining substances of any kind.0

What issues are being addressed in a person’s life that kratom seems to solve or help moderate.

What alternative to kratom may be used when kratom is not available for some reason.

What activities a person feels can be safely engaged in while taking kratom.

Who a person tells about their kratom use and who they avoid talking about it with (family, doctors, employer, etc.).

How concerned a person is about keep kratom legal (kratom activism level).

How long a person has been taking kratom.

How pure, potent, 3rd party tested, and fresh is the kratom being taken.


All these factors, and more, result in a personalized kratom experience that suits you best. Now, we must be cautious here. We don’t want to force others to adopt our style. We don’t want to

For example, you may have started with kratom in capsules. You did some online research, or talked to a friend who used kratom and raved about it. You heard that kratom was bitter, so you figured that taking it in capsules would be the most pleasant strategy.

Now you’re at a decision tree. Kratom has proven to be effective for you. You appreciate how your serving size and frequency remains steady, unlike with opioids and other drugs. Will you continue using kratom in capsule form, or will you try other ways of administering it to your system?

You may have heard that capsules don’t work as quickly or as powerfully as toss and wash. You may be tired of toss and wash, and want to try the hot tea method. Or you might be curious about liquid shots or resin extract.

Or perhaps you feel that red veins don’t do much for you, but white vein is exactly what works best. Then you try a blend of red and white vein kratom, like Red Dragon, or a blend of red and green vein kratom, like Strawberry Fields – and love it.

So things can change as you progress.

There are a number of different directions your kratom adventure can travel. Let’s not be harsh or heavy handed about our preferences, experiences, and opinions. You can spot a troll or a covert Big Pharma operative in discussion forums. You can also tell if a person is misguided, abusing substances, or insincere.

But in most cases, individuals honestly seek information that is reliable and credible. They don’t want to argue, they want guidance that makes sense, expressed kindly and respectfully. Your insights can help others, as their information can also be useful to your own life.

Understanding how kratom users can differ, sometimes in rather dramatic ways, we can be more effective by being less dogmatic and rigid. There are a few issues of safety that one should be firm about, but in so many other things, a person has to choose the best strategy for their individual needs.

Let’s be happy that kratom offers so many nice options, which enable us to customize our kratom experience and enjoy life in a productive and fulfilling manner.

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