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3 Worst Mistakes New Kratom Users Make

Even seasoned kratom users might learn something from this list. Here are the worst things are done by people new to kratom.

MISTAKE ONE Thinking kratom is a recreational “get high” party drug.

This is not only WRONG but can be dangerous, even deadly. Nobody dies from kratom alone. If kratom is found in the system of someone who dies, there are always other substances in the person, like cocaine, alcohol, Xanax, fentanyl, crack, meth, etc.

Kratom is a serious plant substance, a member of the coffee family, and not a designer drug or a chemical thrill. It has certain specific purposes and is being used for a wide variety of issues and goals. Some use it for energy, others to help them endure the trials of life, both physically and mentally.

Recreational drug users tend to see their substances as toys or ways to have fun. They like to combine and mix drugs. They take them recklessly sometimes. Doses and frequency of dosing escalate as the effects diminish. Increasing all the time, these doses begin to become exceedingly expensive to maintain.

Crimes may be committed to getting the required money for larger and more frequent doses. Lies, scams, and dubious schemes ensue. The trouble with the law can happen. Guilt and shame add to the misery. People start to distrust the “drug fiend” who is so helplessly dependent.

All this is the total opposite of a kratom user, who tends to be very normal, productive, wholesome, confident, and happy. That’s because kratom is used in the lowest serving size to get the job done, and that serving size does not change. Both serving size and serving frequency are set early on and they remain steady.

Since servings are stable and not steadily increasing, kratom is more manageable financially. It can be budgeted with reliability as to the amount needed each month.

Being sensible, kratom users tend to use their substances separately. Many use only kratom. But if they also use kava, cannabis, or other plants, they respect their powers and don’t want them unduly conflicting or magnifying each other in a bad chemistry. They regulate their substance intake, as they do other activities in their lives.

MISTAKE TWO Settling for dubious vendors of kratom.

Your first job as a kratom user is to learn as much as you can about kratom. This is an ongoing process and a fun adventure in discovery. Then the second biggest thing that needs to be done is to find a good kratom vendor.

Problems with buying kratom at a gas station, hippie head shop, discount tobacco store, or convenient outlet? Quality is a big one. Many times these places are selling over-priced, low-quality, possibly contaminated kratom from questionable brands using psychedelic packaging and wild whimsical names for the kratom products. If it looks too flashy, it may be trashy.

You need fresh, pure, potent, 3rd party lab-tested kratom. This will keep you healthy and you’ll be glad you refused to be content with less than the very best, the strongest, and safest kratom available.

MISTAKE THREE Treating kratom like an opioid.

This bears repeating: larger, more frequent servings of kratom are not the answer.

Kratom users are nothing like those dependent on opioids, benzos, or alcohol. They don’t need to keep increasing their servings or how frequently they take kratom. When abusers of other substances want to escalate the effects, they take more of it, or take it more often. Not so with kratom users.

With kratom, less is more. If you want a stronger effect, your best bet is to stop using kratom for a while. Substitute kava or cannabis. When you return to the kratom, it will hit you a lot harder and last longer.

Another technique is to reduce your kratom serving size and frequency. Scale back a bit. Take less kratom, less often. You may be shocked by how effective this is. Less is more, more is too much. And if a person deliberately takes way too much kratom, their body will just vomit it up.

Do yourself a favor. Try reducing your kratom serving and frequency once in a while, and see what happens. Your first thought, inspired by previous substances, maybe “Oh no! I can’t tolerate my symptoms at all, not for one day!” – but kratom works mysteriously. You are stronger than you think you are, and the residual effects of kratom can linger longer than most probably realize.

CONCLUSION: Kratom is a fantastic plant, put here on Earth for our wise and grateful application to our various needs, physically and mentally. Learn more about it and grow in personal strength and wisdom.

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