About Leaf of Life

Hi my name is Martin Bravek and i’m the owner of Leaf of Life Botanicals. 

(if you like you can read my personal story here.)

We are committed to bring you the best possible products that are not only highly effective, but also safe and tested. There are many companies that claim the same thing except when pressed on these issues has to succumb to excuses and unsatisfactory explanations. We have literally thrown out tons of Kratom over the years that were not considered (by our quality testing and standards) to fit our strict satisfactions promise and guarantees, as our Kratom reviews prove to achieve the best Kratom effects.


My fantastic team is tirelessly looking for the best natural harvested products from not just one source, but scour the whole South east Asian region to find and offer you new and exciting Kratom strains and extracts that simply won’t disappoint. we have received a ton of testimonials, reviews and recommendations, that tell the story for us, what we offer to the public.

Leaf of Life Botanicals is dedicated to bringing you super high quality Kratom and other natural herbal supplements. 

You can order our products with complete confidence. Proven through our Kratom reviews! 

Fresh, pure, potent, and 3rd party lab tested products, to achieve the best Kratom effects, that can increase your enjoyment of life.

We test every new delivery and each different strain, to ensure the safety of our customers.

The way this works is every new shipment receives a lot number, and the lot gets broken down into batch numbers (representing different strains). This batch separation system is something many other vendors fail to do.

Then the products are sent out to the 3rd party laboratory to get tested to ensure they are free from micro-organisms, mold, heavy metals, and other contaminants.

Once we get the lab results back and everything checks out okay, and ONLY if it does, then we can package it and offer it to our clients.

3rd party lab testing is one of the most costly expenses for a legitimate, trustworthy vendor. We feel it’s vital and mandatory.

Our meticulous attention to detail, and commitment to product safety, are why Leaf of Life Botanicals has so many happy, loyal customers. For the simple fact is that we really do care. You shouldn’t have to worry about supplements you take to improve your health.

Proper 3rd party lab testing is necessary in order to prevent negative results for customers and to give this industry a legitimate ground rule.