About us and why we are different from the rest

Our story
Coming from different backgrounds and life experiences, we still share a lot of the same problems. Physical pains and emotional turmoil are very real parts of each of our lives. Kratom has been the saving grace for both of us. Being able to live functionally and with fulfillment because of this miracle leaf became something we wanted to share with the world.

This journey, that started out as just an idea, has been a blessing in so many ways. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to provide the best quality Kratom to be found, to so many people. Our customers are our priority and our inspiration every day.

Being over forty, we see the ravages of time on ourselves, our family and loved ones: back pain, joint pain, sleep disorders, stress, anxiety, depression … Medication solutions are often expensive and involve many heavy side effects.

​Kratom opens the door to a world where these troubles can be INCREDIBLY alleviated. A 100% natural solution, used since the dawn of time, totally organic and inexpensive.