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Kratom and Sleep

What is the relationship between kratom and sleep? Is kratom a sleep aid? How does it help you sleep?

Kratom can definitely help you overcome insomnia. Being unable to sleep, and experiencing sleep deprivation (lack of enough sleep) can be one of the worst tortures known to humanity. Tossing and turning racing thoughts, fretting over things like Covid-19, worrying about finances as you lay in bed – this sucks!

You crave more sleep, but your body and mind are not cooperating. What a drag!

If you suffer from insomnia, kratom could be your best friend. Many have found this to be true.

But kratom can also help you get a good night’s rest, even if you don’t have insomnia. How many times have you woken up, feeling drained, not rested at all? You slept, but it was not a deep, REM type sleep. You may even feel like you never got any sleep at all! You fall asleep easily, but you don’t sleep soundly.

Kratom to the rescue!

How does one proceeed? First choose a type of kratom that is known to have good pain relieving, mood boosting, and sedating properties, according to customer feedback. Let’s get started now.

Your body will be your best guide, even though the stories of other kratom users can point you in a possibly good direction. Your body can communicate with your mind and it can tell you how to use kratom in various situations. Trust your intuitive powers that you were born with.

Red vein kratom is recommended for getting to sleep, as it has more sedating power than many of the white and green vein kratoms, but this is not set in stone. Kratom’s effects are pretty standard across all vein colors and specific strains, but each individual person may have different experiences in this regard.

Red vein kratom is also great for pain relief, according to anecdotal reports. So if pain is keeping you up all night, or making you sleep in fits and starts, constantly having to try to get back to sleep, kratom may be your knight in shining armor.

Low doses of kratom tend to be stimulating, moderate doses enhance mood, and larger doses can cause one to be drowsy. So you have to factor in how large a dose needs to be to help you sleep. Many people have found that kratom not only permits them to get to sleep faster, it also enables them to sleep longer, undisturbed, for a full refreshing.

Now, you may NOT want to take a sedating dose of red vein kratom at night, if you have an appointment, job interview, or other task early the next morning. You may over-sleep and miss it! This is no joke, it really can keep you sound asleep when you should be up and at’em!

What’s a large enough dose of kratom to be sedating, rather than energizing?

Most experts and customers say that 8 to 15 grams is a large dose of kratom, but again, each person has their own requirements and metabolism. What is sedating to one person may be stimulating to someone else. You really have to do your own trial and error experiments. But you will quickly discover the best strain, best vein color, and best amount of kratom to use for sleeping purposes.

We’re not going lay down rigid rules pertaining to dosing, but you should be aware of consensus opinion about dose amounts and dosing frequency. Still, your body will tell you what to do, how much to take, and how often. There is no getting around how personal this is.

Even if you don’t use kratom specifically to combat insomnia, or to sleep a longer time, you still can gain benefits for your sleeping. Why? Because using kratom consistently over a period of time is said, based on customer anecdotes, to cause you to experience less stress, anxiety, and depression. Your whole system is calmed down and thus, your sleeping might be greatly improved.

Stress, depression, anxiety, worry, and fretting all contribute to insomnia and unpeaceful sleep. If kratom can reduce these emotional states in a person, then it logically follows that their sleep patterns will be improved, maybe even in a very intense, gigantic manner.

What strains are recommended for sleeping improvement?

Red Borneo, Red Bali, Chocolate Bentuangie, Super Green, Dark Green, and Red Aceh will probably do the job quite well for you. But we must insist that going by the suggestions of others has limited value, since each person is different, and even strains can vary somewhat by lot and batch, growing season, drying techniques, and other factors.

Got insomnia? Need deeper, longer-lasting sleep? Pain, anxiety, or depression keeping you up all night? Craving a good night’s sleep, but don’t want to take potentially dangerous Big Pharma sleeping pills?

Try our recommendations and see what happens. Chances are, you’ll sleep a lot better, like so many of our customers and other kratom users do!

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