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Should I Mix My Kratom Strains Together?

Once you’ve been using kratom for a while, you may start wanting to explore new experiences with it.

One thing you might try is mixing strains. You can do this yourself, using your own kratom strains, or you can buy kratom blends from vendors. Generally the term “dragon” means a blend, as a “red dragon” might be used to describe a mixture of Red Enlightened with White Borneo, or whatever the vendor considers their best white vein and best red vein, as an example.

Sometimes you’ll see vendors sell blends that combine many different kratom strains. These are often given fanciful names and are always worth checking out. The variegated alkaloid profiles in these blends could help you overcome any tolerance you may be slowly developing to your single strains.

But first, before going further, let’s look at one main reason to NOT mix all your strains together into one combined pile.

You don’t want your kratom strains to submerge their individual characteristics by drowning them in a swirling sea of other strains. You may value each bag of kratom in your pantry for its special qualities. You may love using a Green Aceh in the morning and a Red Bentuangie at night. On days when you have a lot of work to get done, you reach for White Elephant. You also reserve Red Maeng Da for severe symptom outbreaks or special emergency situations.

But if you mix all your strains together, you will lose that system that distinguishes each strain and categorizes it for specific purposes and goals. You will have a more generic blend of kratom strains, which is fine in its own way.

Every kratom strain has its own unique effects and longevity. If you combine all your kratom strains, you end up potentially with a blur as an effects profile. All the specialized effects of each strain jumbled together and possibly conflicting, or hopefully reinforcing, one another. It could be a delightful conglomeration or a disappointing jumble.

Some effects may be enhanced, but other effects may be suppressed. Sometimes blending a bunch of good stuff together may not necessarily result in something better than what the individual things are on their own. Chemical interactions can be complex and unexpected. But kratom blends are generally very special in their own way and deserve exploring.

Do you prize your individual kratom strains for their individualized effects? You’ll lose that if you toss all your kratom strains together. This may not matter to you at all. Or perhaps you want the best of both worlds: combining some quantities of each different strain together in a blend concoction, but keeping the remaining quantities of your strains separate from each other. That way, you have both self-designed kratom blends and distinct kratom strains with differentiated effects payloads.

What is suggested is that you keep your kratom strains separate, in individually labeled glass canning jars, for the most part, but also have a jar where you blend two favorite strains together. However, there are plenty of people who just love to combine all their kratoms all the time, hoping for kaleidoscopic effects panoramas and unimaginable delights.

You could get pretty sophisticated about all these kratom strain combinations, coming up with your own customized blends for your different needs and situations. However you approach the subject, kratom blends and home made mixtures can be a great way to experiment with your strains and perhaps achieve a customized mixture that you turn to regularly.


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