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Why Would Kratom Stop Working For Me?

One of the saddest things I ever hear is: “Kratom used to help me, but not anymore. All of a sudden, I can’t take enough to relieve my symptoms. It just doesn’t do anything for me now.”

A person was doing fine, then abruptly, after kratom being effective for many years, when they take their regular dose, it’s like no kratom was taken at all.

What causes kratom to not provide benefits any longer? Why would it suddenly fail to give needed results for those who suffer various ailments?

You see this every so often on kratum forums on the web. What makes it even sadder is, the person is angry, confused, and in total despair. They don’t want to go back to opioids or benzos. They don’t want to return to drinking alcohol. But their symptoms aren’t being alleviated.

First, DO NOT increase your dose amount or frequency. That’s actually the WORST thing you can do.

Here are things to consider when kratom stops working:


Do you use only one kratom vein or strain?

For example, let’s say your favorite is Chocolate Bentuangie. Is that the only type of kratom you take? You never alternate strains? You never use White Elephant, Green Maeng Da, Strawberry Fields Blend, or Yellow Vietnam?

That may be the problem, right there.

You may have developed an immunity to the effects of that particular kratom strain’s alkaloid profile.

In this case, by simply having a variety of strains and veins to choose from, you can prevent developing a tolerance.

Even if you think “reds never do anything for me”, if you’ve been using white vein for years, try switching to a green or white. (Yellow, chocolate, etc. are not true vein colors, but variations created by fermenting and drying processes. Pink can indicate a blend of white and red vein kratom.)

You might be surprised how your body will react to a different vein color, region of origin (Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Borneo, Bali, Sumatra, Aceh, Bentuangie, Jongkong, etc.), or type of kratom (Elephant, Plantation, Horn, Maeng Da, etc.).


Could you have accidentally been taking too much kratom?

The opioid mindset kicks in. You think you need to take a lot of kratom, because you have a lot of some symptom or other. You think you “work your way up” to higher and higher dosages. WRONG!

Less is more with kratom.

When kratom seems to stop working, it may be because you overloaded your system. This is common with alcohol and cannabis, the “drank myself sober” or “so high, I’m not high anymore” effect. You may have experienced this yourself. You drank so much, for so many hours, partying, that suddenly, you feel totally inebriated, straight as an arrow.

This can happen with kratom, too. You take so much, so often, thrilling to the results, and go overboard. Next thing you know, your system says “ENOUGH. I’VE HAD IT!” and rebels. The reason kratom stop working is because you went hog wild with it.

It’s like the body can’t keep up with it anymore, so it goes on strike, it gives up, it’s exhausted.

Try taking a smaller amount, less frequently.

If you took 4 grams, 3 times a day, now try taking 4 grams only once a day. Or take 2 grams in the morning and 2 grams at bedtime.

Your body will help you adjust to the best dosing system for your individual needs.


Wrong approach to desired effect.

For example, let’s say you want stimulation to endure cheerfully a lot of mental or physical labor.

You take a small amount, 3 grams. That seemed to be fantastic.

Next time, you take 4 grams. That seems to work even better, more powerfully and longer lasting.

You eventually go up to 8 or 10 grams per dose.

But oddly, you have no energy. You’re sluggish. You don’t feeling like doing anything. In fact, you feel too drowsy to accomplish that work you wanted to do. You feel like lying down in bed.

You’re sedated.

Small doses energize. Larger doses induce lethargy, a desire to relax and do nothing. So you’ve ruined your methodology. By increasing your dose amount or frequency, you started getting the opposite effect from what you wanted.

Again, the solution is TAKE LESS kratom.


You approached kratom as a recreational “get high” party drug.

No wonder you’re so disillusioned. Kratom is a serious plant substance that must be treated with respect. Not taken recklessly, just for fun, or to chase the dragon of a chemical thrill.

Kratom doesn’t perform well as a recreational substance for kicks. It’s meant for people who have specific issues and needs. If you try to use it like people use street dope, you’ll be miserably disappointed.


You have atypical reactions.

For example, most people say that red vein kratom can make them sleepy, whereas white vein is like strong coffee, it perks them up so they can perform critical tasks in life.

But you?

You’re an oddball. LOL. You have opposite results. Red vein gets you energized, but white vein make you drowsy.

So perhaps you just need to use the color of vein that produces the effects you seek, regardless of what is true for most others.

Learn more about why kratom can have varying effects from one person to another person here:


You need a RESET.

You failed to (or could not) take breaks from kratom usage.

It’s good to routinely skip days. Not everyone can do this. Their symptoms are too strong to go a single day without relief. But many of us can do it. We can abstain from kratom for a few days, a few weeks, even a few months.

Take kratom for 3 days, skip 2 days, and so on. Or decide to never take any kratom on the weekends. You might think this is hard, but as you take a bit less kratom, your body adjusts to make it stretch, so you can get by a day without taking it.

A reset enables your body to re-familiarize itself with the kratom alkaloids, to “become a virgin again” in a certain sense.

When you do a reset, do not replace kratom, during this period of fasting from it, with opioids or other Big Pharma medicines, unless you absolutely must take something. If you do use opioids, when you return to using kratom, your body will need to adjust to reacting to kratom again, so it may take a while for kratom to work as effectively as before.


Change the way you take kratom.

If you’ve been taking kratom in capsules, try doing the toss and wash technique. Or even better, the hot tea method.

Try kratom liquid shots, tinctures, extracts, or resin. Be careful with these, because they are concentrated. Far more powerful versions of kratom must be treated with mature understanding and caution.

Be sure to take kratom on an empty stomach for faster delivery of effects.

You might also try using potentiators to boost the effects of kratom. Potentiators can be lemon juice, grapefruit juice, lemonade, dill pickles, cayenne, and many other fine foods and beverages.

See this article for more information on kratom potentiators:


You are severely dehydrated.

Kratom is a diuretics and will dry you out severely comparable to alcohol or caffeine.

Unfortunately we usually do not drink enough fluids as it is already, and Kratom consumption requires a higher hydration level than any other substance and circumstance. A human body (without adding Kratom) requires on average 8-10 glasses of water or “good” fluids per day to stay at a optimal level of function. The human body is comprised of ca. 70+ percent water, to reduce the intake or adding diuretics’ such as Kratom, can lead to dry skin, aching joints and least but certainly not least constipation. When constipated the receptors that make kratom work are clogged and cannot process the powder at a optimal level.

When on a Kratom protocol, you want to drink at the very least a 1/2 -1 gallon of healthy hydrating fluids per day. Not soda or sugary drinks. Not Ice tea or or other sweetened beverages. You want to stick with water, Gatorade, vitamin water etc. Add thing such as Liquid IV , “Learn more about Liquid IV”: as well other additives that increase hydration. Do this and the difference in effectiveness will be nothing short of amazing. We covered this subject in detail in our article about dehydration when taking Kratom. Read more here

The good news is this: it’s probably a temporary problem. Kratom is kratom. It will work for most people when they use it properly, in the correct amount and timing.

Kratom has only briefly quit delivering results for you.

This too will pass.

Use the suggestions that are appropriate to you, and you should be fine in short order!

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