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Avoid Making These 5 Wrong Statements About Kratom

Kratom is suffering intense persecution, so we must be very careful what we say about kratom. Saying the wrong thing, in person or online, can have really bad results. Every time someone, even innocently, says something unwise about kratom, the reputation of kratom suffers.

We who enjoy the many wonderful benefits of kratom should think carefully about how we talk about this plant. Reckless remarks about kratom only make the persecution situation worse. Why give Big Pharma, FDA, and DEA fuel for their irrational fire?

Here are 5 things you should NEVER say about kratom.

ONE: “Kratom cured me of….”

You mean well, but it’s wrong to claim that kratom is a “cure” for anything at all. The FDA has not approved its use for any specific illness, mental problem, addiction, or medical issue.

Now, you may have indeed experienced being rescued from something by kratom. Your experience is valid. But the most we can legally, ethically say about kratom is that it helps with certain conditions.

Some unscrupulous vendors have tried to market kratom as a “cure” for Covid-19, AIDS, migraines, obesity, and many other things. Don’t fall into this trap.

If we ever reach an honest consensus about kratom in the medical community about what kratom is effective for, and it gets FDA approval as a treatment for certain things, proven in clinical trials – that will be the time when we can boldly proclaim what we already know in our own lives.

TWO: “Kratom is a fantastic drug.”

It’s better to call kratom a marvelous dietary supplement. You add it to your regular diet and you get great results from it.

But kratom is a huge disappointment to anyone who wants to abuse it or use it as a recreational substance. Kratom is NOT a party drug. It’s a serious plant substance that has been used for many generations in Southeast Asia, but never as a fun thing.

THREE: “Kratom provides euphoric effects.”

FDA, DEA, and Big Pharma are hoping you’ll use that “euphoric” word. Why? Because “euphoria” is a dog whistle for medical professionals. It means, to them, “low life drug-seeking behavior” or “chemical thrill-seeker.”

It’s unfortunate that the word “euphoria” has been associated in the medical community with something bad, evil, naughty. Everyone seeks pleasure and avoids pain, but I guess you’re not supposed to admit that something provides pleasure to you, unless it’s something more socially acceptable like chocolate, alcohol, movies, music, or sports.

If you proclaim kratom as “euphoric”, you’ll also attract those who just want to get high because they’re bored or because they feel entitled to good feelings not based on their own actions (like helping others or creating some art).

FOUR: “Kratom use is smarter than using prescription medications or street drugs.”

First of all, we don’t want to be on some exalted level, just because we were lucky enough to discover kratom. We don’t want to act superior, holier than thou, or better than somebody else.

Second, there are prescription medications that actually do help people. Not all of them are bad or loaded with awful side effects potential.

Third, many people have started using street dope because their doctor, bribed by Big Pharma to over-prescribe Oxycontin, Narco, or Fentanyl, got them hooked on opioids, and then that doctor shut them off. They were left with dependence, but no way to legally obtain what they rely upon.

FIVE: “I’m working my way up to a really high dose of kratom.”

Wrong. You are completely confused. Kratom is NOT like opioids, alcohol, or benzos. Your dose amount and frequency will NOT keep increasing over time. In fact, once your body decides upon the ideal dose amount and frequency, you stick with that for many years.

You must always remember: less is more with kratom.

Keep in mind that low doses tend to stimulate, while high doses tend to sedate.

If your normal kratom dose doesn’t seem to be working, there are better things to do, rather than escalate your dose. Try rotating kratom strains and vein colors periodically. Drink more water. Be more active. Skip days. Do a reset, where you stop using kratom for several days, weeks, or months. Use cannabis as a substitute for a while. When you return to using kratom again, you’ll be amazed at how powerful it is.

Keep these tips in mind when you discuss kratom in person or online. The entire kratom community will thank you for your intelligent self-restraint and correct speech.

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