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How To Keep Kratom Working for You

You can do things to actually help kratom produce effects in you. But you can also hinder it. Let’s look at how to maintain kratom’s mighty powers in your body. Treat it correctly, and you’ll win every time.

Kratom is said to work great – until it STOPS. Suddenly. Mysteriously. Unexpectedly. After years of faithful service, and guaranteed results consistently. Your serving of kratom doesn’t get the job done. You get nothing, zero, zip. You’re shocked. You don’t want to go without relief, nor do you wish to return to opioids, alcohol, or benzos.

Why would kratom stop giving you effects? A few possibilities. You’re maybe taking too much kratom, or taking it too often, or you’re not drinking enough water…. or perhaps a tolerance has set in. All these problems can be easily solved.

Tolerance means your body has become overly familiar with a specific kratom alkaloid profile or kratom in general. Your body no longer responds. It’s become dull, perhaps from kratom overloads or because you aren’t rotating and taking breaks.

“Kratom no longer works for me,” is such a dreary statement to hear. Unfortunately, some people deal with this by increasing their serving size or serving frequency. However, kratom as a dietary supplement works best when you follow the instructions below.

Here’s how to make sure your kratom packs a powerful punch, knocking out your symptoms, the burden you bear. Now you can steps to help you avoid the gradual accumulation of alkaloid over-familiarity, and prevent an eventual immunity to kratom’s effects.

ONE Rotate Strains and Veins

You may have a favorite kratom strain, Aceh Good or White Maeng Da or Yellow Vietnam. Perhaps you particularly enjoy Red Dragon or Chocolate Bentuangie; or you go for a blend of strains like Strawberry Fields or Pink Bunny.

You love this strain and vein color so much, why buy anything else? Getting some other strain might be a waste of money. Green Borneo. Period. This works perfectly. Don’t fix it if it ain’t broken, right? No need to explore other kinds of kratom, so why bother? WRONG.

Even when one specific strain works wonders for you, if you rely completely upon that one strain or blend alone, tolerance starts creeping in, slowly but surely. It’s a law of biochemistry. Your cells get adjusted to the chemical ingredients, the alkaloids, in kratom that produce its effects.

So keep using your particular strain that you favor the most. But alternate with other strains and vein colors. White may be your favorite vein color, for energization. Or red is preferred for its physical relief of symptoms. Maybe green vein reminds you of cannabis effects, so you go with the one midway between motivating (white) and super relaxing (red).

It won’t hurt you, in fact it will greatly help, if you stop taking Chocolate Bentuangie (or whatever your choice is) exclusively. Kratom will work far better if you once in a while use Red Borneo, White Elephant, Green Sumatra, Yellow Maeng Da, Red Enlightened, or Aceh Good.

This will keep your system off balance, unable to form a tolerance to a specific alkaloid profile, which was eventually done when you take only one strain and vein all the time.

The different vein colors, region of origin, drying process, fermenting, alkaloid profiles, and other differentiating factors found in a wide variety of kratom products will alter things enough chemically to keep you from developing a tolerance, especially if used along with the next items in our list.

TWO Rotate Types and Techniques

Let’s say you use regular kratom powder via the toss and wash method. Toss and wash is putting your serving in your mouth, then gulping down liquids to chase it, and probably munching on olives, grapes, berries, or melon to remove the bitter tasting residue.

Well, guess what? Your system can become over-familiar with both the type of kratom you take and your method of taking it. That means the results start to diminish. So switch it up. Start changing your technique and your type of kratom.

Types of kratom include raw powder, crushed leaf, granular extract, chewable tablets, drinkable sachets (straws), resin “candy”, liquid extract shots, enhanced kratom powder, and more. Concentrates and extracts tend to be very strong, so you must use tiny amounts of it.

But by changing the types of kratom you use, you’ll keep your system off balance and unable to easily form a tolerance.

Techniques include toss and wash, capsules, hot tea method, red bubble, honey lemon balls, applesauce mixtures, strain blending, and chewing freshly picked leaves. To keep your system from developing immunity to the effects of kratom, switching your technique from time to time will be very helpful.

THREE Reduce Serving Size

You may have noticed how this tolerance kicks in with other substances, like cannabis, alcohol, tobacco, etc. At first you do a little now and then. But later on, you start using more in terms of increased amounts and using it more often.

Kratom is very different from most other substances that people take. Instead of using more, or taking kratom more often, you do the opposite to get the results you need.

You reduce your serving size and / or frequency. You skip days. You never want to take more, after your body has figured out the ideal amount for your serving. Serving size and how often you take it, these will NOT increase with kratom over the years. It will remain steady, set as a routine program, a persistent stillness, no escalating.

Less is more. This is so true with kratom, which makes it vastly different from most other substances. With kratom, you can often increase its effects by cutting your serving size, in half even. Try this sometime just out of curiosity. Do it several days in a row, taking only a fraction of what your regular serving size is. Instead of 8 grams, go with 6 or 4 grams. You may be really shocked.

Now in some cases, you will experience a pretty big load of effects, semi-unexpectedly, so be ready for that. Instead of cutting the effects in half, you may feel like they’ve been enhanced greatly, even doubled. In rare instances, decreasing serving size will not boost the effects, but in most cases, this works amazingly well.

FOUR Skip Days

Not everybody can do this, as some of us have severe symptoms, but if possible, go a day or two, or a week or even a month without kratom. Skipping days, weeks, and months is a fantastic way to boost the effects of kratom, taking some time off from it. When you return to kratom, it will likely be an incredibly powerful experience for you.

Kratom is not addictive like opioids, benzos, nicotine, and alcohol. You can grow to rely on it, but your body will not go into spasms of agony and messy misery if you stop using kratom. You’ll miss the effects, and your symptoms may become intolerable, but your whole being is not going to be screaming for kratom, like we sometimes see with heroin addicts.

When skipping days, abstaining from kratom for a while, you can try substituting kava or cannabis.

FIVE Water and Exercise

Keep experiencing maximum kratom effects by drinking plenty of liquids and moving around. Kratom is dehydrating, it sucks moisture out of your system. This leads to constipation, being unable to poop. So you need to drink lots more water than normally. This will help kratom to circulate through your system.

You also need to get up and be active. Judge how much you can do physically when on kratom. Some of us will not drive a car or operate heavy machinery when taking kratom. But we can pick weeds in our gardens, go for strolls around the neighborhood, and do other low impact activities. Moving around and doing things will help kratom flow through your body and deliver effects.


With these tips in mind, you’ll find kratom to be effective for years, without increasing your servings or turning to other substances for relief.

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