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Red Bubble Kratom To Access More Alkaloids

Want stronger effects from your kratom? Red Bubble it.

Red Bubble Kratom process creates a red bubble that is more rich in effects-causing alkaloids. It causes more alkaloids to be extracted and delivered to your system. You get more effects from your kratom when all the alkaloids are released — and now you can make this magic happen.

Imagine having a big red bubble appear in your freezer, a large blob that is abundantly rich and ready to give you greater effects than ever before. That’s Red Bubble Kratom.

Get not only stronger, but a fuller spectrum of effects, easily derived from your kratom, not just a partial effects range. Alkaloids, which cause kratom’s effects, are not all completely activated when you take kratom in the usual ways.

When you use the Red Bubble method, all the alkaloids are ready to be used by your body immediately, instead of having to digest the plant material in the form of powder. You get most of the alkaloids, but not all, when you take kratom your regular capsule or toss and wash way.

Red Bubble enables you to produce home-made kratom extract, in a very easy manner. When kratom is mixed with water and then frozen, the freezing unlocks or opens up the kratom molecules making them bio-available, or ready for your body to access and utilize.

Basic Red Bubble Kratom:

ONE Mix some kratom with water and lemon juice (helps extract more alkaloids out). You may use an electric mixer or manually stir it thoroughly by hand.

TWO Pour the kratom-liquid mixture into a bowl (or glass, coffee mug, tea cup).

THREE Place bowl into freezer. Wait 4 to 6 hours.

FOUR Red Bubble forms on top of the kratom mixture in your bowl.

FIVE Now remove the red bubble that was formed and use it as home-made kratom extract with a super-potent punch. Or you can thaw out your red bubbled mixture, then drink the liquid concoction.

SIX Be sure to keep track of about how strong your Red Bubble Kratom is, whether you drink it or just eat the red bubble itself. You don’t want to normally take 8 grams per day, then Red Bubble 30 grams and take that whole thing. Divide the total amount made into individual single servings (doses).

Variations of Red Bubbling:

There are many different ways to do Red Bubble Kratom.

For example, you can make it sweeter, and get the added kick of a good potentiator (boosting effects and speeding them up) by adding kratom powder to orange juice instead of pure water. Or you can completely freeze a peanut butter banana kratom smoothie and get the Red Bubble results that way.

Another way to Red Bubble your kratom is to mix kratom, water, lemon juice together, heat it up like preparing an herbal tea, and then let the hot water unlock some alkaloids, too. By the time you freeze it, you’ll have enhanced your extract even more.

Then again, some folks have frozen, thawed, then re-frozen their kratom mixture, for even more effective alkaloid liberation. You may come up with your own variation on the Red Bubble theme.

What happens is the freezing process breaks up the structure of kraom’s cell walls, exploding them, and opening them up for more complete access by your system to every kratom alkaloid, possibly featuring new benevolent effects you never had before.

That interesting Red Bubble that forms when you freeze your kratom/liquid concoction is a hot spot of alkaloids. You see, the icing up of the kratom lump is relentlessly cracking the cell walls of your kratom. This action exposes and unleashes its alkaloids in a ready-to-use preparation. The ice is ejecting the kratom from itself, until there is just a small amount of liquid left.

That’s the gold nugget you seek. You’ve got yourself a concentrated form of kratom now and it was so easy!

Now what?

After that alkaloid-rich red bubble is formed?

You eat it, of course. Not ALL of it, just little tiny bits now and then. Treat your Red Bubble Kratom like any other concentrate or extract. Use it, measuring about ¼ of what would be your normal dose amount, in place of your regular powder, or sprinkle a little into your powder for capsules or toss and wash.

Or you can thaw it out completely and drink it, but it will taste nasty unless you used a lot of lemon juice, orange juice, or other flavoring to liquify it. Chase it with lemonade, coffee, grapefruit juice, chocolate milk, or other beverage.

Remove kratom residue from teeth and gums by chewing up some grapes, melon, dill pickle spears, olives, or papaya sticks.


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  1. Keila Wright

    I tried this but it didn’t form a bubble. Is there anyway to get exact measurements? Mine just looks like a slushy. And it taste horrible. I use lemon juice hot water mixed with the tea and froze overnight. Now I’m letting it and thought so I can figure out what else I can do to it to make the bubble?

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