Kratom Vol. 2 Kratom and the Law


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    Kratom has been the victim of false information. In ignorance, or due to various forms of Big Pharma
    propaganda and pressure, some governments think kratom must be criminalized due to supposed
    If you can legally obtain kratom where you live, consider yourself fortunate. Some people aren’t so
    lucky. Why is kratom legal in some places, but illegal in others?
    Hopefully, kratom is legal where you live.

    In 1907, British botanist L. Wray wanted to discover if kratom could be used as an herbal alternative in
    the United Kingdom and the Western world. He sent samples of kratom to a colleague at the University
    of Edinburgh, who isolated the strains that they thought they could best use medicinally.
    Historians tell us that there exists reliable evidence that Thailand villagers used kratom in the 1700s.
    Both opium and kratom were legal and popular. But Thailand government did not like how kratom
    usage was decreasing opium usage, thus depriving the locals of the opium tax money. So eventually,
    kratom was made illegal in Malaysia and Thailand, and since that time, the bulk of the trade comes from
    Indonesia now.
    By 1921, some of the psychoactive strains of the plant were clearly identified. In 1930, I. H. Burkill
    stated that the plant could be used to help relieve symptoms of diarrhea and other stomach issues.


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