Green Maeng Da Kratom


100% pure Kratom ( mitragyna speciosa ). Green Maeng Da is a popular type of high quality, high potency green vein Kratom .

If you seek these benefits, Green Maeng da could become one of your “go-to” strains, like it has for so many others.

“Fresh, potent, 3rd party lab tested for purity. You can trust Leaf of Life Botanical’s kratom and use it with joyful confidence.”

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We have good respectful relations with the local, indigenous farmers and plantations. We traveled to South east Asia, looking for the most organic, sustainable, non-GMO Kratom plants with high potency, so you don’t have to take as much, and you thus save money. All of our Kratom is tested by a lab that is inspected by the FDA every 6 months and has won accolades from other supplement vendors and won awards for cleanliness and implementation of state if the art testing equipment.

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