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100% pure Kratom ( mitragyna speciosa ). Capsules are an ideal way to take kratom when you don’t like the sometimes rather bitter taste of the powder. It’s also a great way to measure and control the exact amount of kratom you take per dose, without having to weigh it on a scale or eyeball a teaspoon amount (e.g., level teaspoon vs. heaping teaspoon).

Fresh, potent, 3rd party lab tested for purity. You can trust Leaf of Life Botanical’s kratom and use it with joyful confidence.”

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    Having your kratom in capsule form is also handy for when you travel (please be sure to check the legality of kratom in all places you travel to AND through!), especially if you keep them in the original packaging bottle that is labeled with what it is, so customs and airport security personnel will be more assured as to what you have on you.

    Some people will poke tiny holes in the capsules to speed up how quickly they dissolve. Be aware that capsules cause the kratom to get into your system a bit slower and less intensely than taking kratom with the toss and wash method of putting raw powder in your mouth and washing it down with water, juice, tea, chocolate milk, or coffee, or by mixing raw powder with applesauce or honey.

    For more information about determining your kratom dosage, please go tour article on this subject here

    Unfortunately, we are not permitted (per FDA) to explain the various benefits and effects that Kratom Strains could provide to the general public. To let fellow clients and folks that are new to Kratom know the particulars, we would be extremely gracious to hear from you, the Client, what this particular Kratom strain does for you in a review. This would be equally educational and helpful to communicate what Kratom could do for people that would rather approach their ailments naturally. Clients that will write reviews may be enrolled in our VIP club where you will receive discount coupons, give away’s, and numerous other benefits.  Thank you for making a difference, from the Leaf of Life Botanical’s Team.

    We have good respectful relations with the local, indigenous farmers and plantations. We traveled to South east Asia, looking for the most organic, sustainable, non-GMO Kratom plants with high potency, so you don’t have to take as much, and you thus save money. All of our Kratom is tested by a lab that is inspected by the FDA every 6 months and has won accolades from other supplement vendors and won awards for cleanliness and implementation of state if the art testing equipment.


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