Sign up to become a VIP member and enjoy a lifetime of VIP treatment and savings!

Our current membership drive is now open and will continue till  September 1st. 2019!

During this time period everyone will have the chance to sign up and take advantage of this incredible offer, which, by the way is unheard of in this industry.  These members will retain the 20% permanent discount and will have their “own code”,  which will exclusively apply to them.

This code can only be used by the  VIP member and cannot be shared. A violation will result in losing the VIP membership. They also will be able to participate in huge give a way’s and a ton of other free goodies.

During this time frame clients have the chance to collect the necessary qualifications and necessities, Some are eligible instantly, because of their accumulation of said requirements Our offer is held 4 times a year for 3 weeks each. Within these 3 weeks everyone has the opportunity to sign up.

After the 4 weeks we will close the sign up and will repeat this every quarter. So make sure to have everything you need to participate. If you don’t 3 weeks is plenty of time to accumulate the necessary requirements September 1st


To be a Vip member with Leaf of Life Botanicals brings many benefits that non Vip’s will not be able to enjoy or able to participate.

VIP members will be given their own “PERMANENT” coupon code to save as much as 20% discounts on all of our products and offers whenever they decide to make a purchase. No expiration

Will be able to participate in special promotions that applies only to them.

Special Product give away’s and drawings as well free promotional items such as T-shirts, decals and much more!

Beta testing on new member programs, products, friend referral incentives. 

A gift on their birthday, and many more to come

Qualifications for VIP membership are as follows:

1: Applicant has to have signed up for a regular account, i you haven’t yet please click →here← 

Has to have purchased from us at least 3 times.

Life time Purchases will have to be a total of $200 or more.

It is encouraged but not necessary to participate in either or both of our Facebook Groups “Leaf of life lounge” and “Leafoflifeteahouse“.  

Should follow our Fanpage or any other social media entity’s. 


Our quarterly membership enrollment is currently closed. We will do these on a quarterly basis. Our next one will be held in about 3 month.VIP enrollment will be for 3 weeks, however if you like to sign up now, we will inform you when the next one is in action.